The Importance of Organic Soil


Soil is the basic requirement to do any plantation; however, it is the healthy soil that lays the foundation for good farming results. It is very important to understand the significance of healthy soil- soil with organic matter mixed in it. Some farmers are blessed with good soil that is naturally organic, meaning it has remains of animals and plants that decompose and pave the path for healthier plant growth.

Organic soil is nothing but organic matter added to soil to make it healthier and provide better nutrition to the crops and plants. When organic matter is added to the soil, it directly affects the chemical and physical properties along with its overall health. 

The nutrient exchange between water, organic matter, and soil are essential for soil fertility and a sustainable production process. Organic matter not only adds to the health of the soil but also has other significant properties; let us read through the article to know more about organic soil.

What is Organic Matter?

The plant and animal residue that is in the soil or on the soil is generally labeled as organic matter, but actually, it is organic material. Organic matter is when the organic material is turned into humus by the process of decomposition. Humus is important for the soil because it holds individual mineral

and nutrient particles together in clusters. 

Organic material is decomposed by microorganisms until it becomes resistant to decompose further, which also increases its stability in the soil. Worms, bacteria, micro-organisms play a vital role in turning the organic material into organic matter. 

Adding an adequate amount of organic material to your soil holds as much importance as making the soil healthy. Adding excessive organic matter will not necessarily increase soil health. Still, it may deteriorate plant growth because of excess nutrition and water availability because organic soil has natural water holding capacity.

Significance of Organic Soil

The regular supply of essential nutrients

The rich soil mix has an abundance of nutrients that are extremely helpful for the soil. The chemicals that each percentage of organic matter releases in the soil have around 20-30 pounds of nitrogen, 4.5-6.6 pounds of P2O5, and around 3 pounds of sulfur per year, which specifies that it is a reservoir to nutrients to plants. The summer plants, however, benefit more from organic matter mineralization than the winter crops. 

Capable of holding water

Organic matter has a sponge-like property where it can absorb water and hold up to 90% of its weight in water. The plants directly consume the water that is held by organic soil; the mineral and nutrient-rich water help the plants have a healthier growth. 

Prevents Erosion

The stable soil aggregate formed by organic matter reduces soil erosion by 20-33 percent. The water infiltration increases when organic matter is added to the soil, hence, preventing the soil from eroding. The clay soil has less water retention, which makes it crumbly and easily erodes with wind, water, and other carriers and lacks essential minerals and nutrients. 

Improves Soil Structure

When organic matter is added to the soil, it lets the soil clump and form aggregate, which results in improved soil structure. The infiltration capacity of soil increases with an improved structure which allows the soil to hold up more water. The more water the soil holds, the better it will help in plant growth. 

Soil mix 

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Final Words

Organic soils are the best to use if you really want to have sustainable and healthy produce for your crops and plants. The quantity of organic matter to be added to soil differs depending on where you want to use it. The potted plant soil will not have as much organic matter as garden soil. Similarly, the requirements may vary on agricultural land. Still, organic soil lays the foundation of healthy produce, and scientists have researched that it even reduces the risk of plants dying because of the lack of sufficient nutrients and minerals. 

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