The importance of content marketing for companies

content marketing

Content marketing continues to gain weight within the schedules of enterprises. Managers and marketing managers are realizing how important it is to bet on a strategy that includes an effective content plan. Why? Well, because it is a good way to attract those customers who have learned to completely ignore the advertising impacts they receive on a daily basis.

If we compare it with advertising, it must be said that with a smaller investment you can get better results, although in no case should you expect them in the short term. Content marketing is simmering and you have to be consistent and patient to reap the first rewards. Only in this way is it possible to convert potential customers into consumers.

Advantages of Content marketing for companies

There are many advantages of content marketing. The most common and important are following:

You will be an authoritative voice within the sector: If you have a pet store and give advice on pets, people will trust you more as a specialist. The same thing happens if you sell furniture, tires or ice cream. If you don’t post related content about what you are selling, the customer who comes to you the first time will have more doubts. 

You will get to know your target audience better

By creating relevant content about everything that has to do with your business, you will ensure that your target audience reaches the corporate blog that you have created for this purpose. From that moment you will know what they want thanks to the comments that will be left and web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. At that time you will begin to interact with potential customers who until then could only contact you by email or phone.

You will earn the trust of your customers

If you do not bombard them with advertising and offer them free quality content, they will appreciate what you are sharing with them. In the medium and long term, a relationship of trust will be established that will lead them to see your brand with good eyes. That obviously is a point in your favor. You will be offering them an extra that your competition is probably not capable of offering. 

Another effective way to earn user’s trust is to get yourself on Wikipedia. If you create a page on Wikipedia about your business or brand, you will get not only online traffic but also credibility. However, if you don’t know how to create a wiki page, you can count on Best Wikipedia page creator

You will know what your users expect from you

How you will know your users better and for worse. You will know what they like about your company and what they don’t like. Thus, you will be able to enhance the good and try to correct what you are not doing well. Meeting in an office and talking about what can be done to improve is fine, but sometimes it is more important to listen to customers, who in the end are the ones that make it possible for a company to make sense.

You will get more highly segmented traffic

One of the main reasons why it is worth betting on content marketing has to do with traffic. If you don’t generate content, Google (and other search engines) will not know that you exist and you will not be indexed in the search results. You will not be where your competition may be and you will lose potential customers who might bet on your products if they knew them. Most users who access content will be within your target audience.

You will save money

As mentioned earlier, advertising campaigns are usually more expensive from an economic point of view. You will not have to pay for third-party spaces and you can develop everything from your own platform. Plus, by positioning yourself better organically, you won’t have to spend as much money on Google AdWords to get known.

You will build customer loyalty

You will not only gather your target audience and get them to buy your products for the first time. You will also create a community around your corporate blog made up of people who want to read the content you publish if you do it with a certain frequency.

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