Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Digital Transformation of Health Care Industries Post-COVID- 19- A Study by Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

The damage of COVID-19 on the healthcare system is very serious and huge, unexpectedly disrupting the entire supply chain and capacity of healthcare industries, including manufacturing of raw materials to supplying oxygens or medicines. This ultimately became a reason for the wake-up call for all the world leaders. The pandemic made people realize the importance of investing a lot more than before in the healthcare industry now. Governments worldwide have taken crucial steps to cope up with this situation. They have merged with automakers to ratify the issue and to satisfy the increasing demands of essential medical goods.


Acceleration of Health Care Industry in Transforming Digitally: Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach


A study done tells us about the digital transformation of healthcare industries. Now, one can access most health care services through digital platforms, and one can easily get proper consultation from doctors even when staying at home. It is a challenging time for everyone in the world, but this marked an effective transformation in health care services during this pandemic. Many of the world’s topmost leaders provided an extra hand in uplifting the healthcare sector and providing innovative technologies.


The health care industries are now transforming themselves to take command of this current situation. Earlier, the view of a doctor giving his piece of advice to his patients via mobile call or video conferencing was rarely seen. But this has now become today’s reality. Healthcare systems responded magnificently in a speedy way of acquiring the required telehealth platform for better treatment and prompt support in a critical situation for the patients. To achieve this target, the health care services should adjust their infrastructures and provide particular training to the staff that can successfully navigate this evolving virtual program. This evolution is important as it is expected that more than 100 crore telehealth visits may occur by the end of this year.


Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach observed that in many mental healthcare industries, the COVID-19 pandemic became a catalyst for implementing online therapies and online health tools in a person’s daily routine. One widely observed that mental health care industries have transformed themselves to provide the best care to their patients by using several digital technologies and platforms. In post COVID- 19 era, there is little reason for them to give all of these up because of the advantages they have experienced over an extended period as a response to the crisis.




Meanwhile, looking at the constant rise of digital platforms, we can see that the industry has also improved the accessibility for many users by providing them information about precautionary measures. The easier the accessibility for the patients, the more they use it to get quick diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, it is advised that everyone should know that public health ethics are way different from clinical ethics as in that individual is required to prioritize promoting the overall well-being instead of protecting individual autonomy.

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