Do you know that the fastest and most efficient way to get a mobile app created in no time is to hire flutter developers? With over 500,000 Flutter developers available, you can get your mobile applications created on a cross-platform with a few clicks. And if you decided to hire flutter developers, you should know more about Dart – the programming language of Flutter.

What is Dart?

Dart can be defined as a programming language used internally at Google for website, server, and mobile Apps’ creation. Created in 2011, Dart, similar to JavaScript and other programming languages, has a similar source code. Unlike other programming languages, Dart’s package manager is known as Pub. It was not until 2017 that Dart started getting more attention when Google officially announced Flutter beta for cross-platform mobile app development.

The Standpoint of Dart

Dart is a single codebase programming language building beautiful native applications through Flutter – Google’s framework.

Dart and Flutter work well together. Dart allows Flutter to update the display at 60 and up to 120 frames per second which are frame rates typical for games. Today, mobile application developers are adopting Flutter, but the mystery behind Dart still needs to be solved before getting started. Though, developers that have experience with languages can learn Dart easily.

The Dark Side of Flutter

By identifying Dart’s Pros and Cons, many users have concluded that Flutter has a darker side for business and development teams. Yes, Flutter allows users to build high-performance, beautiful, and unique cross-platform mobile applications that suit the customer’s needs and requirements. However, it’s worth considering Flutter, especially if the developer develops an app for both iOS and Android. It is more cost-effective than hiring two native app developers (one for Android and one for iOS).

Today, let’s look at the Pros and Cons of Dart. Please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dig in.

Pros of Dart

  • The Standard Library is excellent;
  • Availability of several tools while developing with Dart;
  • Prototyping is made easy;
  • Zero development compile time;
  • Familiar to Java and C Developers
  • Cross-Platform
  • Can Compile to efficient computer code

Great Standard Library: Dart has an extensive core library that helps developers with collections, conversions, formats, strings, file I/O, type data, math, and regexp, and more.

Availability of several tools while developing with Dart: Dart has various tools to assist the developer during the process of creating any dart applications. Tools include Analyzer, Pub, Dev_complier, Dartfmt_, Test, Observatory, and server-side VM.

Prototyping is made easy: Dart, thanks to its system, is a good language for prototyping. It encourages developers to continue using their programs.

Zero development compile time: A browser referred to as Dartium is integrated with Dart VM that enables to run and debug of the native code during the editing process for a short edit-reload cycle.

Cross-Platform: Dart compiles to JavaScript, Native code on different platforms that features Android and iOS by

Can compile to efficient Machine code: A number of times compilers can compile dart code to efficient machine language. The aim behind Dart is to be as expressive as possible.

Cons of Dart

  • Difficult to use some JavaScript Libraries
  • While converting the code to javascript, there are still many holes to fill
  • At present doesn’t generate expandable JavaScript
  • A small community, little momentum

It is difficult to use some JavaScript Libraries: Much more than a programming language, Dart is a platform with its standard libraries and tools. To directly interact with JavaScript libraries isn’t possible in Dart. To use JavaScript libraries, users should use a unique library that exposes the wrapped version of JavaScript.

While Converting code to JavaScript, there are still many holes to fill: During the implementation of callbacks, Pass to a kind of function that gets passed to Javascript causes the dart2js compiler to crash.

At Present doesn’t generate expandable JavaScript:

At once, the application in its totality needs to be built on Javascript.

In conclusion, Dart, such as other programming languages, has their spec, which makes them suitable for a purpose. Programming languages are all built to realize different goals.

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