The Complete Guide to Encrypt PDF Files With Permissions and Passwords


Working with digital files is a critical component of day-to-day working life for most people. In a group of businesses, a day without Excel tables and Word documents are almost unimaginable. The same applies to the platform-independent PDF file format, which delivers an outstanding solution for combining graphics, images, and text in one document.

However, there is one particular rule for all these files. If you need to defend them from unauthorized entry, a strict security implementation must be in place. For confidential details like internal company files, not encrypting them could prove catastrophic, which is why they must be password protected. Below are some guides you can password-protect your files.

How to Password-Protect a Portable Document?

There are no available systems capable of providing 100% security, which means that documents sent and stored online are always at risk. When you label your digital document’s content as confidential, the next step must be to encrypt it. And if you want to unlock PDF as well, you just need to enter the password you entered to view the contents.

For you to do the encryption process, there are a couple of tools that you can find out there that offer dependable protection, such as the practical solution given by GoGoPDF. Just like any other functional tool, this program allows you to edit, convert, split, merge, and so on. This tool also shows you an easy-to-follow guide on how to encrypt a portable document.

Sealing PDF Contents With Ultimate Protection via GoGoPDF

It’s acceptable if you’re reluctant to use the features of online tools because you won’t want to rely on the Internet for tight security when the risk can also be pointed out to you on the same platform. Nevertheless, be confident that the resources provided by GoGoPDF will be able to secure all your data against the complex issues that may come up.

These are the necessary steps you need to take to start encrypting your digital document:

  1. Launch GoGoPDF’s Protect PDF function and pull in the portable copies that you require to password-protect and encrypt through dragging and dropping them into the toolbox provided by the program. For more straightforward navigation, click “Select a File” and forward your files easily on the toolbox. 
  2. Next, you now have the opportunity to encrypt your critical file contents with a personalized encryption password. It will also be vital to keep in mind the addition of symbols, capital letters, and numerals to meet the site’s formal requirements.
  3. Once you have completed the basic security setup and the website has generated a download link, you will be offered several options to save and store your newly sealed digital documents.
  4. In the final step, you can view the generated link and download the files for future reference. Another great option is to save your file in your Dropbox and Google Drive account or forward it through email. Any options you selected are valid.

When Things Go Wrong

If you place a complex password in your files, you will probably forget the security key when you manage too many documents in your workspace. And when you attempt to log in and enter the wrong password, your file’s contents will be vulnerable to damage or corruption. Worst case scenario, it won’t be easy to access the file, or it will never be available again.

To save you from this frustrating situation, the way to go is to take advantage of the GoGoPDF Repair PDF feature. You can do the same uploading process mentioned earlier, and after a minute or so, your PDF file will be recovered. Depending on the severity of the damage of the content, partial or full recovery may vary. You can visit the official site to read more about it.

Multi-Browser Compatibility and Cross-Platform Support

One thing you need to consider when relying on online tools is their accessibility. With GoGoPDF, you can encrypt PDF files anytime and anywhere. For starters, like you, you don’t have to pay anything to manipulate the features. The only components that the site requires are any working device, operating systems, and a secure data connection.


To some, transmitting your files and doing PDF processes over the web may sound like a critical task to do as you are unsure if it will provide the outcome you need. That’s why being wise in choosing the best and reliable web-based tool to solve your PDF struggles is always necessary. With the guides mentioned above, you can now encrypt your files with ease.


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