The Bold and The Beautiful Millennial Jewellery Trends


Millennial women are bold and expressive and are ready to take on the world! They like their jewelry to be unapologetically edgy and striking. Let’s take a look at some of the Jewellery designs and trends that millennial women swear by.

  1. Asymmetric Earrings- Since regular-shaped earrings are cliché, modern women don’t shy away from experimenting with their looks. Asymmetric earrings are high on vibe these days, thanks to the element of fun it adds. These statement-making earrings create a strong impression and offer that little something different that many women look for these days. A simple hoop that’s twisted and wriggled is enough to spice up your boring outfit. 
  2. Geometrical Pendants – Pendant sets are an amazing way to elevate your look on daily basis, and if it is the trending geometrical shape, nothing can then match your oomph factor. These can be worn on casual outfits, formal wear, and these seamlessly even compliment indo-western attire too. Layer delicate gold pendant chains of unique shapes and lengths to add a unique touch to your look.  
  3. Minimalistic Necklaces- It goes without saying how necklaces have been a part of a woman’s jewelry collection since primitive age. With time heavily embellished necklace design has made way for delicate, graceful, and artistic pieces that can be flaunted practically with any outfit. With a range of different motifs like stary bows, floral fantasy, divine celestials, you can pick a necklace that personifies your style inclinations without having to worry about it making you look decked up.

4. Oversized Rings – Crowing fingers with dazzling rings has been in style for decades. But why stick to the old boring designs when you can do so much with rings. Over-sized rings are a thing these days, and wearing them is like showing the world that you have the power to change anything. Stacking gemstone rings is another trend that’s fast catching up among the younger lot. Nowadays millennial couples pay special attention to the engagement ring and want it to be as unique as their love story. Engagement rings with deep-colored gemstones make a great pick. A lot of couples are now turning to get their birthstones set into their engagement ring so that they can harness the healing and mystic powers of the gemstone. 

  1. Charm Bracelets- Modern women like to be in control of everything in their lives, from career, relationships, family, they have everything sorted. Amidst all this practicality, women always like a little dust of magic to carry around with them. What better way than charm gold and diamond bracelets! The adorable tinkles hanging from the bracelet are a gentle reminder that tiny things make life beautiful. 

There are several reputed jewelry brands online that you can take inspiration from to enhance your jewelry collection. The wide collection of fine jewelry will blow your mind, leaving you in awe of all the masterpieces. Always remember, every jewelry piece you pick has a story behind it of being crafted with love and precision just for you.

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