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The beautiful Ionian Coast of Albania

The Albanian Riviera is a place where the sun stretches across the deep sea, where there are splendid configurations of rocky and isolated small beaches, and the mountains and hillsides are covered in Mediterranean vegetation with charming villages constructed between the mountains and sea.

The Albanian Riviera is blessed with 300 days of sun.  The average temperature in January is 10 degrees C. and the average temperature in July is 25 degrees C.

The Ionian coastline is known for having fascinating beaches with deep and very clean waters. Younger crowds tend to visit the Ionian beaches as the area offers many opportunities for those interested in water sports like diving, boat tours, etc.

From the Llogara Pass, which is 1,057 meters above sea level, the breathtaking coast can be seen as if from the vantage point of an airplane.

The first beach here is Dhraleos in Palasë which has a length of 1.5 km. This is one of the most exotic and tranquil beaches of the Albanian coastal zone complete with rich blue waters. This beach is popular for water sports and is sometimes even the destination for the parachutes that launch from Llogara Pass.

Dhërmi is located a little further south and is one of the most frequented and important tourist places along the Albanian coast. The crystal-clear waters, isolated beaches, water sports and diving make this the preferred beach of younger generation. The different beaches that are part of Dhërmi are Jaliksari, Shkambo and Gjipea.

Gjipe Beach – Albania

The beach of Gjipea has a beautiful shape. Past this beach, there is a stream that has made a canyon with 70 meters high walls. Located near the beach of Dhërmi is the Cave of Pirates which tourists can access only by boat or ferry. There are also hotels, restaurants, and summer clubs located nearby.

Throughout this entire area, family tourism has developed, where tourists can choose to rent guesthouses or reside in a variety of hotels nearby. Near Himara8 km south of Dhërmi, you will find the village of Vuno, which is the central area of the Albanian Riviera. It is a tourist town that comes to life during the summer season thanks to the younger generations that come here.

In this area are beaches of Spile, Potam, Llamaniand and Livadhja. All of them stand out for their deep waters, navigability, and rocky characteristics. After Borsh is Qeparo and the small tectonic gulf of Porto Palermo where Ali Pasha castle is located.

Family tourism has also become very popular in this area. Between here and the city of Saranda, one can find the beaches of Bunec, Kakome, and Krokëy. Collective length runs about three km and each with beautiful, crystal-clear water.

The Korea beach is definitely one of the most unique virgin beaches of the Ionian coast. Reached only by boat or hiking, the tenderness of the nature, the untouched stretch of the white sandy beach. And the crystal clear water, combine together to make your stay memorable.

Near Himara, in Vuno you will find the most dynamic beach of the Ionian coastline. It is a very popular destination especially for the youth because of its campsites and summer music festivals.

Livadi beach with its deep blue waters and the endless fields of olive trees, is one of the largest beaches of the region. It is mostly visited by campers and families for its peace and quiet.

At the southern end of Dhermi you will find one of the most special beaches of the Ionian coast. Unique watercolors, clarity of turquoise deep blue. And burning orange sunset over the sea create an amazing show before which everyone should surrender. Alevra beach is definitely one of the must-sees if you are traveling the Ionian coast.

If you are traveling in Himara you should definitely visit Potami beach. It stands out for its deep waters, navigability, and also rocky characteristics. The water here is colder due to the fact of underwater springs that flow all year long.

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