Sunday, June 20, 2021

The 21st-Century Way to Treasure Female Friendships

Throughout the course of history, women have been stereotyped, pitted against each other, and compared against everyone else. Even on the big and small screens, you see female characters seemingly not getting along because of their varied perspectives on life and different interests–as if women had to conform to one and automatically hate other women who did not agree. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then, and there is more focus on female empowerment and on uplifting each other.

Let’s take a look at how females treasure friendships in the 21st century:

The shopping experience

Superficial as it may seem at first glance, women love to bond doing something that uplifts their mood as easily as a hug can. Whether it’s to buy cosmetics online or to hunt for bargain deals at the mall, they enjoy the endless walks and the search for the best products. This bonding experience is not limit to surface-level purchases, of course. They equally enjoy shopping for their friend group, family, pets, and even their homes. 

The girl code

Female friendships are important because they give each woman a safe space to turn to when she is wrong, or when she feels hurt. This same group of friends will also uphold the girl code if ever a man had the potential to get in the way of their female friendship. It’s typically frowned upon to go after the former flame of a girl friend, while others may ask for the blessing of their friend before they go after a person that friend has shown interest in at first. 

The supporting posse

When women find a group of like-minded individuals who share their ideals and interests, they will do everything for that group. This means being there during the sad times and the bad times–and this is a powerful support group to have especially during the lowest points of one’s life. A posse might sound intimidating at first, but it’s only because they care deeply about each other. And they will only give their stamp of approval to the people who have shown that they also value the happiness of their friend over anything else. 

The intervention

The intervention

Now, you might argue that having a fight is not a good sign of female friendships, but if the fight is because they are pointing out valid arguments that a person might be too close to the situation to see, or too blind to look into, the goal is to improve that friend’s situation. Women can call out something that they feel is wrong for their friend, and they will say the things you don’t want to hear if it will help you improve in the near future. Just as they are there to support you during the trying times, they also don’t want you to make big mistakes, and that is why they say what they say. 

Having a group of female friends who empower each other is a nice feeling. Next time you see your friends or give them a call, tell them you appreciate everything they’re doing for and with you, whether that’s just casual sleepovers or supporting you on your mission to rule the world.

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