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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Australia And Its Important FAQs

Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is generally a study visa in Australia can also be called a TR i.e Temporary Residence visa. Visa Subclass 485 permits students to stay in Australia to work and study live for 18 months to 4 years who have completed their studies recently for at least two years.

Students can apply for this Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 once as a primary applicant. This subclass 485 visa Australia should be applied within 6 months after the accomplishment of their course.

Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 has been divided into two streams. This is 

1. Graduate workstream. 

2. Post-study workstream. 

1. Graduate Work Stream

Graduate Work Stream visa allows students to stay, study, and work in Australia legal for usually 18 months, whereas for Hong Kong Visa holders this visa allows staying for 5 years. Students can bring their family members also to stay with them in Australia if they are primary Visa holders.


This visa normally takes not more than 5 months for the government to process, so most students apply within 6 months after the finish of their course.

2. Post-study work stream

Post Study Work Stream is for international students who have recently completed their graduation with a degree from an Australian institute. This is a temporary visa so it allows you to stay, work, and study temporarily in Australia.

Duration of your stay 

You can stay for 2 to 4 years as per your qualification. Applicants with hong kong passport holders can stay for 5 years.


As per Home Affairs, this visa will cost you AUD 1,650

Processing time

It takes 5 months

Eligibility Criteria For Visa Subclass 485

To become eligible for visa subclass 485

• Your age has to be 50 years old.

• You must already an eligible visa holder.

• Have recently qualified in a CRICOS registered course.

FAQs For 485 Subclass Visa Australia

1. Do I Need To Appear For An English Test For Visa Subclass 485?

You might require to prove your English proficiency as part of your visa application requirement. In order to live in Australia, you need to know how to speak English.

2. Do I need to have an overseas student health cover while applying for a temporary graduate visa 485?

While applying for a 485 visa, if you hold a student visa then this visa application already holds a health cover. You don’t need to go for a health cover separately for visa 485. 

3. What is the processing time for the subclass 485 visa Australia? 

The Processing time for subclass 485 visa Australia will depend on the stream you apply for. According to Home Affairs, it takes 5 months to process your temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

4. What is the cost I need to bare while my 485 subclass visa application?

The cost to apply for a 485 subclass visa is $1500.00.

5. How Can I Check My Occupation?

You can check your occupation on the Australian Government Immigration skilled list.

6. Do visa subclass 485  need a police check?

Yes, all dependant visas require a police check who are over 16 years old.

7. Can I work as a full-time employee in Australia with Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

If you are holding a graduate workstream from visa 485 then you can work as a full-time employee in Australia.

8. Which Health Insurance I need for visa subclass 485?

Student visa 500 holders have to change their OSHC insurance to graduate health cover with their visa. Australian government finds it necessary to hold basic health care coverage for the applicant as well as for the family member coming with them.

9. Is 485 Visa Australia a migration visa?

No, 485 Visa Australia is a temporary residence visa, not a permanent visa. It will give you the right to study as well as work in Australia temporarily and not permanently. 

10. How Do Know whether I am eligible for a 485 visa or not?

You must have completed your course from an Australian institute/college.

• You must apply for a visa 485 within 6 months of completing your graduation.

• Meet the health care condition

• Have good communication over the English language.

If you want to lodge your visa then an Immigration Agent for any sort of consultancy services. They are the best migration agent in Perth. They will consult you as per your query. 

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