Teaching students essay writing

essay writing
essay writing

Writing papers experience is vital to the life of college students. This is because they are taught how to write a dissertation, term paper, or essay. The lecturer will tell you to come up with an article and ensure you have your thoughts’ expressed clearly. There is time to hire a professional essay writer if the lecturer allocates the theme enough time. The question at the end of the day is whether your students can be good essay writers.

Principles basic to essay writing

  1. Writing

The student must understand this first. They should be capable of conducting researches from credible sources. This is your job to team them up and show what researching is. However, it is essential to note that students perform better when they are given a topic they already have a clue about. That doesn’t mean you should give them the most straightforward case.

  1. Purpose

For a student to write an eye-catching essay, they must identify the purpose first. Make them choose the purpose of the article no matter how the topic might seem simple. This way, you are going to make decisions on what direction to take since they will come up with an outline simply and commence writing.

  1. Examples

You must give examples in a teaching and learning process. This ensures that they understand what you mean and expect. Give them a shape essay from a student you choose from the previous semester.

  1. Outline

An outline consists of the points that you will put down on the body of the essay. It comes first. It helps increase the understanding of the topic with diverse reasoning. Ensure they all follow the outline they wrote. Each point must start with a new paragraph, making them find writing more comfortable and enjoyable. Help them avoid long paragraphs. Make them understand they are boring to read. Let them make shorter paragraphs.

  1. Introduction

This is the most vital part of any writing. Writing a good essay is presented from the kind of introduction one presents. However, most of the students find it very hard and challenging to make one. This is basically because they do not have an idea of how one is made. One, a good intro is marked by the ability to attract the reader’s attention and have it maintained all through since they will build some interest to read the entire essay. It is considered the most of writing an essay. This is because they know nothing associated with catching the reader’s attention and explaining what the entire paper is about. The introduction must be catchy and straightforward. One might lose interest in your writing from the way you introduce it. The first paragraph should be crystal clear. All students should understand this. Make them understand that their work will stop interesting people if they happen to present some work that is boring or with some instance that are not clear. This explains why we insist that the first art of an essay must be intriguing and clear. If it’s hard to make this up, consider coming up with a story with experiences you had in life, own life. However, be cautious with the topic of the essay.

  1. Conclusion

Similar to the introduction, it is also essential. It must focus on leaving the readers satisfied and happy. Make students understand that this is just a summary of the points included in the paper.


It is imperative to develop the need to understand the requirements needed for one to write a good essay. This way, students are capable of expressing their thoughts openly on a piece of paper. They will never be thankful.



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