Take Out the Trash: 5 Practical Junk Removal Tips for Homeowners

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One thing you learn in the junk removal business is that one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Just look at the 800 million people who sell their old stuff monthly on Facebook Marketplace!

But selling items for a fraction of what you paid for them can be disheartening and hardly worth your time. That’s why so many still prefer to hire a junk removal specialist, handle it themselves, or do some combination of the two. Here are some tips if you’re in that camp.

1. Get Rid of the Obvious

The first of our junk removal tips is to do a clean sweep over the area you’re targeting. Focus first on everything that is obviously trash, as well as those items you plan to keep.

Immediately get rid of all the junk that no longer has a purpose. Once the area is clear, it becomes easier to take a second look and make some of the tougher decisions to come.

2. Take a Closer Look at What You Have Left

The second of our tips for removing junk is to really hone in on the items that made it through your initial sweep. You’re still not certain you’re going to keep everything. However, you know enough to know that what you’re left with isn’t garbage-at-a-glance.

You don’t have to formulate a detailed plan for what you’re going to do with everything just yet. That said, you should start thinking about how you’re going to separate everything so the right stuff gets kept or tossed.

3. Work to the Clock

Hiring a junk removal service, one of the first things you’ll notice is how fast and efficient they are. At least, that’s true of the good ones.

They race against time to finish the job as quickly as they can because time is money. The faster they can take care of your needs, the more they make per hour, and the more jobs they can take on.

If you plan on removing the junk on your own, you could do worse than following this plan. Set a time commitment, as well as a plan for what you’re going to have accomplished by the end of it.

4. Create a Donation or Garage Sale Plan

One key to trash removal is to know what you’re going to do with the things you don’t plan on throwing out. If you plan to keep things, then you need to work them back into your life so you’re using them more instead of forgetting they exist.

Otherwise, create a plan to donate items or sell them in a garage sale. Donations are great if time is your biggest commitment. If you just want some rainy-day money, however, you’ll need to start a plan for how you aim to sell.

Are you going to do a literal garage sale? Or, perhaps you’d rather sell online through eBay or Facebook Marketplace? It’s up to you.

5. Arrange for Removal of the Big Items

The last of our trash removal tips is to arrange for the removal of the items you can’t just put in a trash bin: things like broken bookcases or entertainment centers. You might consider hiring a professional junk removal company with the right equipment and manpower to do it for you.

These Junk Removal Tips Will Keep You in the Clear

Junk removal can be a stressful activity, but it’s worth it once you’re left with a cleaner and more open environment in which to live or work. Take the tips above to heart.

Remember that a lot of planning and action makes it less stressful. Hiring out what you can’t or don’t want to do on your own is also a wise maneuver. For more lifestyle tips and tricks, check out some of our additional posts!


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