How To Surprise Your Partner With Dozen Roses?

Dozen Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. And it comes to pampering our loved ones on some special occasions. Our go-to gift option is usually a heart-shaped roses bouquet or a pretty mixed roses bouquet.


From helping us to convey deep emotions which probably even our words couldn’t to making a great addition to our home decor, roses are so versatile that they can be gifted to people of any age group and can easily match any kind of decor.

But most importantly, roses are one of the most beautiful expressions of love, affection, passion and desire which makes them a perfect gift to woo our lovers. On occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s day or even at our partner’s birthday, we tend to leave them impressed with a dozen roses of red, yellow, pink and other such colours.

So, if you have been wanting to gift a dozen roses to your lover, then here’s a list of fun rosey things to do and gift to your partner. Each of these fun ways is sure to evoke the spice in your relationship, thus making it a romantic one. So, make sure to give this article a read. 

Important Points

  1. Next time you send your partner a dozen roses of their favourite colour make sure to accompany them with kisses filled greeting card.
  2. Or you can even choose to gift a dozen roses in a way wherein 11 roses are of red colour, and one is white coloured rose. Make sure to write a special note to be sent alongwith the roses, which would somewhat read, “Just like the white rose in the bouquet, you stand out of the crowd. You’ve got no competition baby, I’m yours”.Your partner is sure to fall for such a cheesy yet romantic gesture.
  3. Want to woo your partner with your dozen of roses, which would reflect your thoughtfulness? Then, you better try this. Get 12 roses of different colours and place each one of them and under each rose you place, let your partner know how your relationship connects with the beautiful symbolism of that coloured rose. 
  4. Where you and your partner are going to hit the roads for a long ride, drop a rose or two as a surprise on the passenger seat. He/she is bound to get all excited seeing that and wouldn’t be expecting something like an even better gifting gesture when you pass a dozen roses to him/her. It will surely make his/her day to the core.

Special Points

  1. Don’t wait for some special occasion to come around to let your partner know how much he/she means to you. Just one fine day gift a bunch of long-stemmed roses to surprise them. It is sure to melt their heart into tears.
  2. If the bedroom is the place where you wish to improve your things with your partner, then here’s a perfect romantic idea for you. Now dress your bed with a white satin sheet and sprinkle the entire bedsheet with some rose petals. Light up some candles, put some soft romantic music in the background and bring out the best kinky version of you and your partner. It will be indeed a night to remember for the rest of your lives!
  3. Instead of ordering 12 real roses, you can order 11 real ones and place an artificial rose in between, saying, “I love you till the time the last rose withers”. It will surely sweep your partner off his/her feet. Mark our words on this!

So, these were a few ways to surprise your partner with a dozen roses. Do let us know which one turned out to be your favourite!


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