Still in Pandemic: Cope With Mental Health Issues with These Tips

Mental Health Issues
Mental Health Issues

Composed of all the right ingredients needed, such as major consequences, unaccountability, and uncertainty, a pandemic is a perfect anxiety stew. 

 The pandemic, of the current nature, has the potential to affect people that are not typically anxiety-prone. 

As per the latest survey, respondents show high rates of symptoms of anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, stress, and psychological distress in Spain, China, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Nepal, Denmark, and the US. 

Moreover, a poll taken in Canada reported that the mental health condition of people there is getting worse with every passing day. 

The situation in the US has gotten alarming to a point that a high percentage of respondents reported having suicidal thoughts in the 30 days before completing the CDC survey. 

The majority of respondents that were seriously considering ending their lives in the pandemic are around the ages of 18-24 years. 

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Factors Inducing Stress and Anxiety

These stats are not surprising. Because the current pandemic is not easy for people to process. Even months into this pandemic, the situation is not stable in many countries. Especially, in the United States, the pandemic has not slowed down. Hundreds and thousands of people are fighting for their lives after getting diagnosed with COVID-19. The rest of the people are struggling to maintain their sanity in a monotonous lifestyle with constant fear and stress of not getting infected and putting lives at risk.

Apart from the fear of putting theirs and others’ lives at risk, the loss of a job, financial strain, loneliness, social isolation, and stress of working from home has contributed to high rates of anxiety and depression in many people. 

While there is no denying the fact that the situation we live in today is tough, but there are still some actions we can take to make it easy for us. 

Here are some ways to cope with the current situation and to ease the suffering: 

Be Kind

Living through this pandemic is hard, for you and the people around you. Many of us have never been in a situation like this before. There are very few examples or experiences that we can turn to for seeking guidance on how to pass this current time. 

Therefore, if you are feeling lost, anxious, confused, and worried then, know that we all are in the same boat, and it is normal to have these feelings.

One way to deal with these feelings is to acknowledge them first. Some researchers claim that acknowledging your emotional state can help in coping with mental health issues. For example, if you feel scared in this pandemic, you should say that “ I feel scared.” This way, after acknowledging your mental state, you can start working on it. 

Apart from being acknowledging and kind to your mental state, you should possess the same gesture towards others. 

Manage Your Feelings

Once you have acknowledged your feelings, it is time to work on them. 

There are a lot of ways that can help you in handling difficult emotions in times. For example, you can create a journal where you can write whatever you are feeling. 

Other than this, the pandemic has encouraged many people to discover and practice yoga plus guided meditation.

The easier way is to think about what you would suggest to a friend suffering mental health issues like you are. 

However, if you are facing severe symptoms, enough to interfere with your ability to function normally, then you need professional assistance. 

Make the Best of the Situation

Pandemic is hard but is not bad altogether. 

Of course, the reason why you have landed on the blog is that you cannot see the positive side of the pandemic, but believe us, there is. 

The pandemic has brought people closer to things that they used to avoid in pre-coronavirus days. Take family time, for example. Before the pandemic, we hardly had time to spend with our family and talk about the most normal things. 

But due to work from a home situation, the bonding with family members has prospered. 

Similarly, we hardly had time for ourselves before. But due to the pandemic, we can now have some “me” time. 

You can now watch your favorite old cartoon on your TV if you have a cable TV service at home. 

If you do not have a cable TV service at home, then you should start with subscribing to Spectrum cable TV service as the first step to invest in your mental well-being. 

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Be Easy on Yourself

Make sure you do not stress yourself into finding ways to cope with mental health issues. Do what makes you feel better. It is not necessary to go by the book or blog. 

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