Steps to take when you crash with an unlicensed driver

unlicensed driver
unlicensed driver

Often times when you get involved in a road traffic accident with an unlicensed driver, you worry about their lack of insurance or ability to pay for your losses. 

According to recent statistics, 5% of fatal crashes involve unlicensed drivers in cars and there are around 30% unlicensed motorcyclists. Overall, 70% of unlicensed drivers are on the roads and pose a greater risk of getting involved in car accidents, as compared to license holders. 

These stats prove that accidents involving unlicensed drivers are very much happening and therefore, it’s important for drivers to learn about their rights when faced with such circumstances. 

The Principles That Apply After A Car Accident With An Unlicensed Driver

If you’re living with the view that an unlicensed driver will be held responsible, regardless of the circumstances, you need to know more. In road accidents, the same principles of negligence apply, so an unlicensed driver will not be deemed accountable just because they don’t have a license.

So, for instance, if you happen to bump into a car from behind, and that car was driven by an unlicensed driver, it will still be you who would be considered faulty, and you or your insurance company would have to pay the damages. 

However, the problem with getting involved in mishaps with unlicensed drivers is that that most insurance companies refuse to pay the damages for their vehicles. This basically means the liability will have to be paid in full by the driver themselves, and they will have no support from the insurance company. This is where the problem comes because if the driver is young or does not have the means to pay off the damages, you won’t be able to recover the needed money from them. 

Who Drives Without A License?

Unlicensed drivers can be anyone from any age group. These can also be people who may have never had a driver’s license in their lives. This category also encapsulates people who choose to get behind the wheel after having their license revoked for multiple reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Failing to keep adequate car insurance
  • Committing too many violations which result in the accumulation of points on license
  • Committing a crime or any offence that leads to a lifetime cancellation of license.
  • Teenagers below the age of 18 or those who haven’t yet gone through the official steps to obtain a license
  • Elderly people who haven’t renewed their license, or those who have failed to pass the renewal test because of their weak eyesight or other condition.
  • People who have their license revoked after suffering from conditions like a seizure or any other mental disorder. 
  • Foreigners in the UK who haven’t secured a driver’s license despite having it in their home countries.

Who Covers The Damages?

You can claim for vehicle damages if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy. Your insurance company will get you the amount and then recover the fees from the unlicensed driver. 

However, the situation is different for personal injuries. The CTP (comprehensive third part insurance) is the only program that pays out regardless of the fact that the driver was licensed or not. CTP also includes injury compensations, the driver who was at fault, is liable to pay. 

If you left the accident scene immediately, you can still report the incident to the police so that they can start the investigation regarding the license offence. Know that there are heavy fines and penalties for people who do not have a license. 

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