Some Smart Salesforce Lightning Tips to Enhance Your Salespeople Productivity

Opportunities wizard
Opportunities wizard

Like many longstanding Salesforce users, you may also be facing the need to learn a lot and love the new Lightning interface of Salesforce. Lightning UI offers a lot of add-on features compared to the old Salesforce Classic variant. Improved visibility, increased user adoption,easy usability, and a superior view of sales pipelines are some of the most important advantages of Lightning. To make things better, you can also apply some Lightning best practices which we will discuss here.


Tips to enhance Salesforce Lightning experience


  1. Set all the Lightning pages to default


The default tab on the Lightning page is Activity. When you click on a given record, it may further land on the Activity tab by default. However, the first thing most salespeople want to do is to click on the Details tab instead of Activity. So, you can try and make this easier for them. Just set the default to Detail while the click on any lightning record. Also, make the order of tabs consistent across various page layouts. This can be chosen based on your preference as the order to be 1. Activity, 2.Chatter, 3.Details etc. However, the order does not matter, but you have to make it consistent across all the Lightning pages.


  1. Leverage Einstein search


Einstein search comes with some powerful features which will help the salespeople to be more productive. Some of such features are;


  • Delivery of personalized search results.
  • Capability to do natural language searches.
  • Updating the records within the search results


Personalized search results mean that you can use the search function custom-tailored to the results to teach salespeople. Hence the search can be done more creatively with the help of artificial intelligence, which can learn about the records of each user based on the history. You can use the search function to custom tailor the results to the preferences of individual salespeople.


Instant search can do it creatively with the help of AI-based on the user views. Natural language queries are the normal sentences which the salespeople tend to type in. Compared to the standard searches, salespeople may easily find their most valuable records in a personalized view. These search results will also help the users to update the records from here itself. On Lightning, the search result is also more extensive than the basic global search. Users can go directly to what they are most interested in without using other records to reach there.


  1. Adding a related list to the lightning layouts


The related tab can clutter the Lightning pages. This is because the right-hand side of a page may display the related records too. This means the same information is displayed at two places on the Lightning pages and creates congestion. To counter this, you can first remove the Related tab. Next, you may add the Related List quick links to the right-hand column. Related List quick link will make it easier for the salespeople to go straight to their most relevant sections. With this customization, you also get a cleaner-looking interface, which will help the salespeople to find the right information they need easily and quickly.


  1. Lightning Paths to move to stages


As Flosum points out, Lightning Paths offer an easy-to-understand way of viewing the desired process on any object based on the picklist. You can view the most used ones at the opportunity stage. But remember, not everyone may realize that you can hover over the active stage and see how long the opportunity stays there. The businesses with a complex sales process may also offer the salespeople with needed information about each stage in this view.


  1. Updating opportunities with Kanban view


Sales pipeline visibility also relies on the ability of salespeople to keep the opportunities up to date. Here at the opportunities stage, amount and close date are always the best assessment to understand the situation of the current lead. Kanban view will make it easier on Lightning as salespeople can easily drag and drop different opportunities between various stages in the sales pipeline. You can also see a warning flag to highlight the opportunities, which have no open activities. There is a dropdown arrow also, making it easy to edit the opportunities directly from the Kanban view.


  1. Adding more products to opportunities


On Salesforce Classic, it was never so easier to find the products and add to opportunities. In Lightning, products you used recently may get in the way in the pane to review the availability of products. This is like choosing the products simply through a letterbox. One challenge here, which is the same for both Classic and Lightning, is that there is no way to picture all products together by being grouped logically.


As a result of this, it has become much straightforward for the salespeople to identify products and add them to the opportunities field. Opportunities wizard can group the products logically.Your system administrators can also decide the best possible ways to group available products with different nested grouping levels as needed—the quantity, as well as the price, maybe there at the top right. The salespeople may also see a running total of all the selected products on the opportunities tab at the bottom.


  1. Customizing dashboard components to view critical information


Using Salesforce Classic, you are stuck with only three columns which was a pretty boring layout. It was also hard to spot the essential information on the Classic dashboard. This has changed in Lightning, where you can use a visually appealing 12-column version on the dashboard. This will give you the flexibility to easily organize the Lightning dashboard in a much logical way.


As you get deeper into Salesforce Lightning, you will start to find more and more engaging features like this to enhance your productivity and ease of use. By leveraging all these advanced features of Salesforce Lightning over Classic, you can make things easier for the salespeople and make their daily job more enjoyable.


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