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Small Yet Creative Ways To Organize Your Student Desk at Home

With classes mostly being held online, your student desk at home might need a little touch-up. You could make it into the coolest corner of your room without spending much!

Indeed, a clean and organized desk can help you focus better and get that homework done before the deadline.

Organizing your messy desk doesn’t have to be a tedious task. It’s an opportunity to get those creative brain cells working. You can finally experiment on that Pinterest desk idea that you’ve been saving on your phone for a while.

With some cool stationery supplies, colorful shelves, and a funky new lamp, you can upgrade your desk to a whole new level of awesomeness. Here are some fun and creative ways to get you started:

Create a DIY Organizer

Your organizer can be created out of almost anything. Adding small wooden boxes or putting up a small shelf above your desk can help you organize your cluttered pens, markers, notebooks, and other stationery supplies in just one area.

If you aren’t exactly good with hammers and nails, you can always repurpose your old cups and mugs or thrift some vintage dishes.

Maximize the Space Under Your Desk

Every inch matters when it comes to organizing your desk. Using a measuring tape, find out the space measurements under your desk to decide what nifty items can be added. By doing this, you can free up desk space and have an accessible place for your books and other school staff.

Turn Paper Clutter Into Décor

If you still have old concert tickets, polaroids, and small artworks lying around, why not put them up on your wall for an aesthetic look. It can make your study area more fun, and you get to free up more space on your desk.

Use a Pegboard as Storage or Bookshelf

While a pegboard is used mainly for storing tools in the woodshed, you can add it behind your desk as a customizable organizer and storage space.

Besides hanging your creative working tools, you can use them as a bookshelf to hang your light books and magazines. All you need is some elastics and pieces of wood for support.

Create a Color Scheme for Your Desk and Supplies

If you want to step up a notch, you can make everything on your desk match. Decide on a color scheme you want and paint your storage space and shelves to complement each other. While most people go with neutrals and muted colors, you can experiment with bold and vibrant colors.

You can also handpick your stationery supplies to match the color palette of your desk and arrange them nicely in one corner.

Switch Up Your Desk Lighting

Ditch your dull lamp for some LED lights that you can hang on your wall to illuminate your desk and accentuate your wall décor.

Alternately, you can use a clamp-on desk lamp that occupies less space

Mount a Coat Rack for Cable Storage

A coat rack can also be another storage idea for bulky items on your desk, like headphones, phone cables, and cords. You can choose a rack with a funky style to make your wall more visually appealing.

Just remember to mount the rack at an ideal height so you can have these items at arm’s reach.

The key to organizing your desk is creativity and resourcefulness. Once you get your desk looking fabulous as ever, you will be motivated to study and work productively.

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