What Are Four Innovative Usage Of A Seedbox?


Seedboxes are mainly created for torrenting. They are generally remote-server with unlimited bandwidth so you can upload and download torrent files safely and anonymously. But are seedboxes used for anything other than torrenting?

The short and echoing answer is “yes”, you can use your seedbox to perform a variety of other works! This relies upon a committed server provider you’ve selected along with the right monthly rents. Before details some innovative usage of seedboxes, let’s check out what are seedboxes and its usage?

Seedboxes are cloud-supported remote-server runs with a public internet provider address, especially used to safety download and upload torrent files at an insane speed. The usual speed ranges between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps along with high-bandwidth. If you’ve access to seedboxes, you can unload online media or stream videos on your personal computer anonymously. 

Seedboxes are similar to personal computers with a super speedy internet connection, which is indeed secured at all times. Seeders can safely unload and stream copyrighted materials (videos, movies, or pictures) with a committed-server, and no more getting warning notes as well. Downloading is usually completed via an SFTP or FTP connection in a seedbox using an FTP Client. 

Each committed-server comes with a web user-interface, with which you can remain connected, whenever you need to control your system remotely. This public-server also supports to mask your internet service provider’s address, and so you can enjoy streaming online movies and videos without much interruption. 

Innovative Usage of Seedboxes:

  1. Runs Application Remotely

If you can install seedboxes in such ways, you can remotely access via a virtual network computing connection, which will allow seeders to control apps remotely. You can even set-up scripts to download from YouTube, get access from Dropbox or OneDrive, or transcode FLAC files to Mp3 all within your phone. Therefore, you need to install virtual network computing software on your server and gain remote access. And also, you can run all applications remotely without any interruption. 

  1. Easy Online Media Streaming

Transform your place into a media center by integrating a plex media server with your seedboxes. This indicates you can set up your remote-server to stream online videos and movies straight away without needs to download them. 

Many server providers recently started to offer plex integrations on public-server, although it is comparatively expensive. To avoid extra cost, you can set-up your own with required procedures. 

  1. Create Your Individual Game Server

You can install your own gaming server with a reasonable seedbox plan. To enjoy such options, you must get a committed-server with root access, or else you cannot set-up server or install all necessary media. To make certain your gaming server works right, you must cross-check the system needs of that particular game.  

In case your committed-server isn’t updated, your game won’t perfectly work, so you must get a monthly plan with unlimited bandwidth and ample storage option. As you are running an entire server, so you won’t need to share computing resources with anyone. 

  1. Host Your Own Voice Server

You can use seedboxes to install advanced services, such as – chat server or voice server. In case you are running a voice server in such a super speedy network, you can ensure ample storage space and never get occupied with so many users. And so, you’ve plenty of bandwidth for those who are connected with it. 

To enjoy such choices, you will need seedboxes with root access, so you can run your own voice server. Make sure your committed-server provider is offering whatever you need to host files there.  

To conclude, seedboxes are equally important for torrent large files and other purposes. You can use a seedbox to protect your online media, install remote-access, enjoy unlimited privacy, and run your own media servers and game servers. That’s significant choosing the right server with root access and support all the protocol you might need for this kind of setup today!

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