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Search Engine Optimization: Understanding SEO

SEO, SEO, SEO. Are these words ringing through your mind?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most important part of marketing in an online space. It is what allows a company to drive traffic to their site without spending huge amounts of money. It’s what gets you on page one of Google.

But what is SEO? It’s a valid question and today it’s one we will answer.

Let’s dive into it.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

You may have wondered at one point or another what determines the websites you’re shown when you make a Google search. Many assume the most popular pages come first and the second most popular next and so on.

Except, that isn’t quite how it works (although it’s part of it). Google tries to evaluate websites by a concept called EAT:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Put simply, they try to make sure websites rank higher if their content comes from experts, is well-regarded by visitors, and is accurate and trustworthy. At the same time, more visitors do raise your rankings, as a general rule.

Of course, any good marketer knows it isn’t a perfect system. Good content alone doesn’t always guarantee success. In reality, perhaps more than anything else, it’s keywords that tend to drive a website’s ranking.

SEO Keywords

Key to understanding SEO is understanding keywords. These are words or phrases meant to target particular organic search traffic (unpaid traffic from people searching for websites on search engines like Google).

For instance, if one is writing an article on search engine optimization, there are a few keywords you can target to help people find the article when searching in that niche. In our case, some of the keywords included:

  • Search engine optimization
  • SEO
  • Understanding SEO
  • What is SEO
  • and more

The trick is finding words that aren’t too competitive. The more popular a keyword, the more traffic your content needs to see before you’re going to rise in the search rankings when people search in that niche.

SEO Advice

We have some quick advice for those looking to practice good SEO. The first is to build relationships with others in your niche so you can engage in link building.

This is the practice of agreeing with other website admins to link to each other’s content. Done right, it can be mutually beneficial, since people interested in one website’s content might also like content on the other site.

As for individuals for whom good website traffic is key to their financial success or other goals, consider the services of a marketing company. Questions like “How does SEO work?” are the sorts of questions they’re paid to answer.

The advantage of hiring such a company is they do the hard work for you. Understanding search engine optimization takes time and research you may not have. A marketing company doesn’t have those restrictions.

Your SEO Questions Answered

What’s SEO? In short, it is a critical part of modern marketing. Search engine optimization is how you get your website noticed in a sea of similar content.

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