Scrubbing to Shine: Everything You Need to Know About Exfoliation


“Being gorgeous is not about being beautiful, it is about feeling comfortable in your own skin”

Exfoliation is one of the easiest ways to get younger and brighter skin.

The process? Well, it includes removing the dead skin cells that are layering up creating dullness and causing conditions like an acne breakout.

However, it is significant to understand how many times you can exfoliate your skin without bringing any harm to it. Also, don’t forget that you have to find the right face scrub for the process.

Keep reading this post to learn everything you need to know about scrubbing to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Why should you scrub your face?

On a day-to-day basis, our skin goes through a lot- harsh sun, dust, pollution, chemicals and more. While we clean off the dust and other particles, we fail to remove the dead skin cells as it requires a different process and ingredients. When done correctly, exfoliating the skin with the best face scrub can do wonders for your skin at the same time allowing you to reap the following benefits:

Boost blood circulation

Stimulating the surface of your skin with the face scrub will not only bless you with better and brighter skin but also improve blood circulation. In return, you tend to get a healthy glow on your skin after every exfoliation.

Unclog pores

When your pores get in contact with dead skin, they get clogged becoming an ideal place for bacteria to grow. Exfoliating your skin with a face scrub can help to clean off dead skin cells that would otherwise get clogged in your pores. This way, you can have healthy and bacteria-free skin.

Smooth skin

Don’t be offended but your skin needs to shed its dead cells to look younger and brighter. Face Scrub for Women is specially created to help the skin shed the extra dead weightage through exfoliation while leaving you with smoother skin.

Better absorption

By removing the dead layer of the skin, you prepare it to absorb other products that you apply on it including- toner, moisturizer, face mask, etc.

What ingredients to avoid when choosing a face scrub?

After learning about the key benefits of exfoliation, the next is what ingredients work well when it comes to scrubbing your face. Because your face skin is three times thinner than your body skin, you need to aim for a scrub that contains finer particles than body scrub. Hence, avoid the following ingredients while choosing the face scrub for glowing skin:

  •         Sugar scrubs
  •         Sea salt scrubs
  •         Coffee grounds scrubs

These ingredients can cause redness and irritation and, in some cases, they may scratch the face skin.

Try IKKAI’s Papaya Powder Face Scrub Tube that is gentle to the face and effective for exfoliation

Scrub ingredients that work wonder

To prevent skin irritation and breakout you need to incorporate a face scrub that contains finer particles of organic ingredients including: 

  •         Papaya
  •         Finely ground almond
  •         Honey
  •         Rice powder

If you are having a hard time deciding the right face scrub for your skin, then start with the IKKAI organic range of scrubs that will soothe the skin and remove all the dead skin cells.

How often should you scrub your face?

According to science, we lose around 500 million skin cells in a day that means your skin can layer up with dead cells faster than you think. Although weekly exfoliate is a good starting point for beginners, if possible, you should scrub your face two or three times a week.


After reading all the information, you can move ahead with the exfoliation but remember it can have a drying effect on your skin so, don’t forget to apply a suitable moisturizer afterwards. Moreover, if you are looking for the best skincare products in India for your routine then, check out IKKAI’s range of organic products. Visit the website to learn more!


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