Role of L arginine In Bodybuilding


 L arginine is one of the amino acids that naturally produce in our body. Though there are supplements available in the market, we really don’t need them until their level is reduced in the body due to various reasons like intense exercise. It has various benefits to the body which include a reduction in high blood pressure, growth of hormone level, easing the inflammation, improved digestive tract, regulating blood sugar level, treating heart disease, and various others. Along with that, some researches supported its benefits in alleviating anxiety, improving blood flow, healing wounds faster, better kidney health, and various others. Here you will know how L arginine helps in bodybuilding and what are natural sources of it. 

How L arginine Helps in Improve Athletic Performance: 

 L arginine plays an important role in producing nitric oxide in the body that helps in relaxing blood vessels. It helps in circulating the oxygen in the arteries that is helpful in maintaining the blood flow in various parts of the body. A better blood flow in the body helps in improving athletic performance that leads to better muscle strength. Also, it is one of the most important nutrients for producing protein. The first protein digests into the amino acids only then it is absorbed into the body. Protein is very important for building muscles and boosting the immune system. People who are in bodybuilding, take it for repairing tissues, healing wounds also for managing heart issues. Here are some foods that you should consider if you want to take l arginine from natural sources. 


Natural Source of L arginine:

Here are some of the best natural sources of it that you must consider before jumping to the supplement directly. 

  • Turkey & Chicken: It consists of the highest level of Arginine especially in the breast part. You will get 16 grams of arginine in one cooked turkey breast. Along with that, it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and various other nutrients. Just like Turkey, Chicken is various healthy and popular ways to increase the arginine level in the body. It is the third-best source of arginine, especially the breast part. For 9 grams of arginine and protein, it is recommended to consume daily. 
  • Plant-based sources: Not only animal sources of the best source of the amino acids. Pumpkin Seeds are also another way to get them. One cup of the seeds consists of almost 7 grams of this amino acid. Along with that soybeans are also a great source of it. One cup of roasted soybeans consists of almost 4.6 grams of arginine. A cup of peanuts consists of almost 4.6 grams of amino acid. Along with that chickpeas, lentils, are some other sources of it. 

Every nutrient is essential for overall health and wellness. Though L arginine can be produced in the body, the level decreases as you grow old or train harder. It also decreases with stress level, obesity, and other factors. Include these natural sources of amino acids and fill the gap naturally. 

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