Role Of A Lemon Law Attorney In Settling Lemon Car Claims

Lemon Law
Lemon Law

Lemon Law: With the recent cases of automobile manufacturing defects, a consumer is likely to get stuck with inadequate and inefficient vehicles that hold failure of internal parts. Such vehicles are deemed as “Lemon” and become an obligation of the buyer to get it fixed in a very early phase of the purchase. These could be newly purchased cars or used cars, however, the accountability remains at the manufacturer’s part to meet the quality standards before the final shipment/assembly.

No one would feel justified to visit the service showroom to get the repair done of their newly purchased car. Even after a series of repairs, some vehicles fail to perform up-to promised expectations and disappoint the consumer in the end. Such instances often compel the consumers to take it up legally and here, comes the role of a lemon lawyer who performs the legal duties in this case and represents your concern to seek a favorable compensation claim from the manufacturing party.

Lemon law claim in California and many other regions is a lump sum amount that a manufacturing party is required to pay to the consumer on the occasion of the sale of defective product/s. An attorney is hired by the latter party to act on their behalf, entitling the consumer to receive a claim amount and the attorney’s service charges from the manufacturer. Lemon law puts the complete accountability of monetary reimbursement on the manufacturing party, post verifying the facts and vehicle repair evidence in a judicial court session.

How To Settle Claims Via A Lemon Law Attorney?

If your newly bought car turns out to be a big, disappointing “lemon”, which means it requires constant services or the parts installed are substandard, it would be a good resort to hire a lemon law lawyer to settle the claims. Here is a list of the following factors one can consider while appointing an attorney –

  • The first step is to knock on the manufacturer’s door and take up the concern regarding essential repair required and the issues you are facing with the vehicle. The primary responsibility is of the manufacturer/seller to attain multiple repair services so the purchaser is firm that the defect is internal and the former party is liable to resolve it.
  • Before allowing the manufacturer to send your vehicle for repair services, highlight the key defects and even the slightest details about any internal failure, to ensure that each area is covered during the repair service program. Ask the manufacturing party to come in a written agreement so they can assure that the vehicle is undergoing requisite repair as per the purchaser and the manufacturer.
  • Prepare a list of copies of agreements that you sign along with the warranty claims, manufacturer’s acceptance, and loop in your legal attorney so it could be stated as a firm record. Take responsibility to ask for all the bill receipts, service invoices, and charges to make sure that the manufacture/seller cannot involve you in the monkey business.
  • Once the process of repair services begins, estimate a rough compensation claim and search for attorneys who can represent your case. Often people think they could settle such cases easily on their own, however, it is highly recommended to appoint a professional that can handle it with experience and accurate knowledge. Lemon law compensation is supposed to be critical and difficult to claim, but with the right-headed assistance, and actions, you can bag in a favorable monetary compensation.

Since you don’t need to pay any legal charges, a service fee for your case, it is the safest alternative to deal with this process. Hiring a lemon law attorney could cost you a lot, but a lemon law lawyer will be deemed to be paid for his/her services by the manufacturing party. Since they will try to expedite your plea with a favorable resolution, you can hire an attorney to increase the chances of your win.

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