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Regular Flooring Maintenance You Could Do For Your Warehouse

Flooring Maintenance

Warehouses are filled with important merchandise of different kinds. Some of them deal solely with dry products such as paper, plastic, or metals. Others are filled with bottles and drums of liquid. Whatever it is, the warehouse needs to maintain a certain level of cleanliness for the safety and the lifespan of the products within. This is why flooring maintenance is important.

Why flooring maintenance in particular? It’s because This covers the whole area of the warehouse and in most cases, products will be placed on the floor at some point in their manufacturing cycle.

That being said, here are some regular maintenance you should do to keep the flooring of your warehouse clean and sterilized!

Regular Cleaning 

For the general warehouse flooring, the usual cleaning activities should be done daily. With the amount of foot traffic that occurs within these big buildings, the build-up of soot and dust is to be expected.

Sweeping and mopping the floor should be done at the start and the end of the day. This ensures that there’s little over 12 hours between when the floor is at its cleanest. It should be noted, however, that the cleaning should be done well before and well after the barrage of people begin working. If the floor remains wet and slippery, it can end up in a few minor problems.

Always remember to sweep or vacuum the dust away first before mopping or any other way of applying cleaning fluid to the floor. Depending on what your flooring material is, polishing would be the final step needed. But that’s more for polished concrete and the likes.

Keep the Floor Dry

As mentioned in the previous point, you must always keep the floor dry. Even the tiniest spill can lead to a domino effect on accidents, work efficiency, and material handling processes.

At the first sign of a wet surface, immediately dry it out. If it cannot be done right away, put up wet floor signs.

This could be different depending on what kind of warehouse you’re working in. For example, if you’re working in a wet warehouse—something that deals with seafood, or other wet products, your priority transforms from keeping the floor dry to make sure that the floor is not flooded. This would mean you need a good drainage system, all your personnel need non-slippery boots, and you should have your whole floor covered in some sort of floor mat so that you have a bit of elevation from the continuously wet floor.

For normal warehouses, you don’t need these precautions, so your employees would be wearing standard shoes, there won’t be much floor matting, and the floor needs to be dry. A dry floor will always result in a safer work environment.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

When working in a dry warehouse that deals with liquids, you have to be fast with how you clean up your spills. A wet floor in a dry warehouse is a big sign of a potential workplace accident.

When a spill is found, have a someone or a team to take care of it immediately. The longer it is out there, the more the warehouse efficiency is slightly disturbed. The importance increases tremendously if the liquid is something that should not be touching the floor.

Bear in mind that some liquids are harmful to people while others can easily eat through concrete or metal. When those liquids fall to the floor, it should be a priority to clean them up. Otherwise, there’s going to be a few things that need fixing in the warehouse.

Ordinary spills such as alcohol or water, the non-harmful kind, should be handled with care. It’s much better to clean it up completely in 5 minutes than to have a slippery floor after a minute of cleaning up.

Hire A Cleaning Company

When all else fails, and you have to do some major cleaning, it might be wise for you to get a professional cleaning company to do it for you. Although you might have some maintenance people in your company at the ready, sometimes it’s just a better idea to have professionals do it—especially if the problem this time is pretty big. 

We all know how big warehouses can get. It would need a good number of people to fully clean up the area. But with a professional cleaning service, they might just need a handful of people because they have all the equipment needed to make the whole cleaning process easy.

Key Takeaway

Cleaning a warehouse is no easy task, even if it were just the floor. Maintenance in itself is quite an understated concept. Cleaning the floor in your home is much like how you do it in the warehouse. It’s just you need to be faster, more precise, and more careful with how you do it. Keep in mind our tips on how you should do regular maintenance on your warehouse flooring!


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