Recovery from Addiction is Possible


Rehabilitation centres and addiction treatment programs aren’t just about supporting the person with a drug or alcohol problem to cease their addictive behaviour. Once the drug and alcohol problem is addressed, rehab programs assist people to identify and address underlying psychological and emotional issues providing an opportunity to find relief and freedom in a sustainable manner.

Rehab is about change and change requires action. In rehab, people learn how to live a happy and healthy life. It’s important during treatment that the person needs to find a reason to get out of bed. Finding value and meaning within their life is a critical component of the change process. The process involved in an Inpatient rehabs near me program is often intensive and a commitment is required to benefit from the process. Programs are structured and timetables are strictly adhered to. Clinical, medical and psychological support is provided. Patients must begin to grow awareness and develop a deeper insight into themselves. Identifying triggers related to a person’s addictive patterns is an appropriate way to reduce the risk of developing a craving for a substance and allows relapse to be avoided. Effective communication strategies, anger management, skills workshops on reducing stress, harm minimization and relapse prevention are often core workshops within a treatment program. Aftercare planning is important and provides the opportunity for the things learned in rehab to be continually practiced post-rehab. This practice greatly increases the possibilities of ongoing and sustainable recovery from addiction.

Quote from a rehab graduate.

“The skills I developed as a result of participation in the rehab at home program allowed me to begin to realize that a future without drugs was possible. Over the 12-week extended program, I really enjoyed being properly linked in with a broad community of people in recovery from addiction. This experience was important as it allowed me to observe many different people with many different issues all at different stages of change and recovery moving forward into brand new lives that they were creating for themselves, supported by each other. It was a super positive experience, and I couldn’t help but be amazed and inspired at the same time.

During the rehab program, I met some extraordinary people. The professional and interpersonal relationships I developed in treatment were pivotal. I was surrounded by many positive role models, each one willing to assist me to achieve my recovery goals. I didn’t enter rehab with any intention to make friends – I came here for help, but I met some amazing people who have been incredibly supportive of both me and my family

I have learned that recovery from even the most chronic of addictions is possible. I am now well over 6 months clean and moving forward in my life. I have begun to repair the fractured relationships and make amends for the harms I have caused. The process is simple, I need to keep my side of the street clean and tidy to ensure I have the best possible opportunity to sustain this freedom.”

Jack 2021 – Melbourne, Victoria.

Recovery is possible!

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