Real estate tips – the ins and outs of new construction property investments

Real estate
Real estate

There are numerous options for you to invest in if you are looking at the real estate industry. According to some experts, it is the availability of myriad options that it often becomes challenging to make the right choice. However, all you need is a bit of diligence, a solid plan, and an exit strategy to make any line of real estate business work for your benefit.

About new construction properties

You wouldn’t hear much about new construction investment. It flies under the radar, but the truth is, if you are looking to make your mark in this industry quickly, you should look at the ample opportunities in this line. It is the exact opposite of headhunting run-down classic buildings to fix and flip – you are looking at dependable modern construction to ensure solid returns quickly.

However, the first thing you need to keep in mind regarding new construction investment is that it is a different beast altogether. This investment option has its own rules and quirks. You will be in the unique position to buy the property directly from the builder, which means you need a lot of information and awareness to make the most of the opportunities.

The real estate investment strategy

Any real estate investment strategy depends on the investor’s long and short-term goals. Additionally, it would be best if you also remembered that the interest rates are at an all-time low, which means it makes a lot of sense to invest in passive properties as well. So, what do you need to keep in mind before investing in new construction homes? Let us have a look.

The selling process for new construction properties

When it comes to buying and selling new construction properties, you need to ensure the builder’s contract. You need to pay attention to the buyer’s rights, deadlines for depositions, and backing-out. You also need to be aware of the additional information regarding inclusions, early-deal incentives, and financing options. Keep in mind you need to be mindful of all the information required to make the process smooth.

The importance of real estate agents

New construction investment can be intimidating, and therefore you need to work with the right experienced professionals. You need to know precisely what you need and are going for. If you go into new construction investment blindly, it will become too complicated, too soon. Avoid most of the hassles with an expert real estate investment service like My Friend Fernando Calgary.

Look through the builder’s contract

As an investor, you need to look at the builder’s contract and understand all the information. Get hold of the contract early into negotiation, and remember that it is your responsibility to analyze and be aware of all the stipulations, deadlines, and other details.

New construction financing

When it comes to the new construction’s financing side, you need to understand that it is different from the general resale transactions. Remember that you cannot confirm the interest rates for more than 90 -days in advance. If you do not qualify for the purchase during the contract, you cannot handle the increased mortgage rates after completing the project.

Why is new construction investment beneficial?

New construction investment will require a lot of time and patience because it is unlike any other. There is no additional cost for new properties since you do not have to repair, remodel or maintain. But that is not all. Are you not sold on it yet? Look at the pros of investing in new construction properties.


There is nothing more vital than location when it comes to real estate. Yes, you can glean gains from real estate investment even if the location is not up to the mark, but the truth is an impressive neighbourhood will allow you to find more success in a short amount of time. New construction properties are all based around well-maintained roads, public parks, low crime rates, and other basic amenities. It makes new construction properties one of the more lucrative options in the real estate market.

More supply means more business

New construction properties are easier to find. Keep in mind when you are looking for foreclosure properties, short sale, or REO properties, you will need to look hard. However, that is not the case when it comes to new constructions. Since you are not chasing something specific, you can zero in on several properties simultaneously. Choose different high-value locations which will improve your chances of making it into the big-time as far as real estate investment is concerned.

About the maintenance costs

New constructions aren’t impervious to damage, though the apparent newness does point to the fact that there will be fewer maintenance costs. There will be no issues like a leaky roof or broken pipe for you to fix before taking possession of it. Keep in mind that builders will often provide you with a short-term whole structure warranty or some exterior warranty in the case of new construction properties.

More on warranties and appliances

Older homes make sure that you spend time and money headhunting foundation specialists, roof repair specialists, and plumbers. It is one headache that you can avoid by going for the new construction properties. If some problem arises with new construction properties, it will generally have warranty cover to reduce your overhead and expenditure.

In addition to the warranties, new construction properties come fitted with the latest appliances and perks. It will allow you to save more on every real estate investment. So, if you are investing in new construction properties, not only do you avoid leaky faucets and clogged toilets, you can save hundreds of dollars on the top-shelf appliances as well.

Energy efficiency

New construction properties are generally energy-efficient due to being built following the current legislation and regulations. So, if you invest in such a property, you will have more control over the building’s energy efficiency aspect. Look for all the info as far as the energy expenditure of the property is concerned. It includes insulation, solar panels, water, and energy-efficient appliances, along with HVAC systems. Keep in mind that energy-efficient homes reduce the monthly electric and gas bills, which allows you to save more on your investment.

Invest in new construction properties today.

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