Reading Between the Lines in Credit Card Relief Reviews


You’ve assessed your financial situation, do your research, and are committed to credit card debt relief to set you back on your feet. It’s now time to choose a company for help but you’re not sure what to look for even when reading reviews. Here’s some information that can clue you in.

Deciphering Reviews 

You’ve got to read between the lines in those credit card relief reviews. For example, if the review is rather vague but rife with meaningless platitudes and cliches such as “What a terrific company!” or “Great people to work with!” there’s a chance a company rep wrote it. It’s also a sad fact that companies sometimes pay for online reviews, so you need to know how to distinguish the actual from the manufactured.

Seek Reputable Firms 

Using a site such as The Simple Dollar — a free resource for financial stuff — can help you weed out the numerous disreputable outfits out there that are all-too-willing to separate you from your already-strained funds. This site does its own reporting and presents its findings objectively and in a language lay people can understand.

Key Traits Of A Reputable Firm

When scouring credit card relief reviews, look for:

Accreditation. You likely have a legit company if it’s affiliated with organizations like the American Fair Credit Council or the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. Keep your eyes peeled for mention of these trade groups.

Longevity in business. If a firm has been in business for at least a decade that usually means that it’s for real. Bad actors would’ve been shut down well before then.

A forthcoming and educational website. If a company’s site offers answers to fundamental questions about credit card debt relief and what to expect from the process, that’s a very good sign. Freedom Debt Relief, for example, offers a frequently-asked-questions page that’s often touted in reviews.

Affordable fees and low minimum debt. If you come across a company that charges mega fees, chances are they’re more interested in helping themselves than helping you. Give it the bum’s rush. Also, because the higher the outstanding debt, the more companies can charge to help you deal with it, some firms will bypass you if you don’t have a lot of debt. Give these companies a wide berth as well.

Debt types. Most solid companies will go after credit card debt. That’s a given. What sets the best ones apart is their willingness to also tackle business debts and some private student loans. Look for portfolio diversity.

Fast work. While “fast” is relative in the debt relief business, legit programs should require no more than 24 to 48 months to clear your obligations. This is all contingent upon your ability to generate settlement funds, of course.

Support and goodwill. Every company should kick the relationship off with a complimentary consultation. That should be another given. The best ones also provide someone whom you can contact for questions or concerns who knows the ins and outs of your case. The company also should respond to inquiries in a timely manner, and you should also be able to monitor your account online.

So now you know how important reading between the lines in credit card relief reviews is. Hopefully, you now have enough info to tell a bona fide company from one that’s more interested in profits than getting you out of debt. You can now peruse reviews with confidence, choose the best company for you, and set foot on a sunnier financial path.

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