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Rani Vanouska Modely :The Football Princess !

Rani Vanouska Modely is a princess, but aside from that she is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, top model, as well as a figure engaged in the social, education and human rights sector.

She has been very active as a special advisor for the French National Commission for UNESCO, and vice president of the UNESCO French circle.

On top of that, the 26 years old beauty is also the president of the Football World Heritage Organization.

Today, she is the official ambassador that focuses on leading the candidacy of football as a world intangible heritage within the UNESCO list.

This is something very special for her.

She plans on showing football has the power to change the world and also promote human rights!


Rani Vanouska Modely comes from one of the most popular leading houses from the Indian empire.

She is also related to one of the British aristocratic lineages.

One of the most important things about her is the fact that she started as a model from an early age. A famous photographer spotted her with her with her parents when she was 14 on holidays.

Then, she joined the Elite model agency. Which is why she was called Vanessa Modely for quite some time due to the historic of her family.

She studied at the IHEDN in Paris, where she specialized in Economical Intelligence.

Philanthropic work

Rani Vanouska Modely has been appointed ambassador for the Gusi Peace Price

Today, Rani Vanouska Modely leads the campaign as the founder and Official Ambassador of Football World Heritage. She aims to gather 185 states members and with suporter worldwide to affirm the universal dimension of football. So, that UNESCO recognizes football legacy for the FIFA World Cup.

The Role of Rani Vanouska Modely is to bring together Heads of State, leading world institutions, FIFA federations, iconic sports personalities, political, economic and cultural leaders and the public at large, to call on UNESCO to recognise football as part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Together with modern-day heroes like Messi, Beckham, Mbappé, Griezmann, Wenger, Ronaldo, FIFA, the African Union and all football lovers from all nations of the world, she want to make this appeal a symbol of humanism so that thoughts and actions become one – “Stronger Together”.

The candidacy of football on UNESCO World Heritage list

Rani Vanouska Modely entered the football world in 2015. She fell in love with it ever since.

She met with many famous players and she understood the magic of this game with children. Then, she created the project of the candidacy of football. All in order to make it a part of the UNESCO world heritage list as a symbol of Peace.

According to Rani Vanouska Modely, football is offering a great cultural heritage. It’s also a way to showcase the universal values. Also creating bridges between people without distinction of language, religion, race or sex discrimination.

She was appointed deputy ambassador by state members to carry officially the candidacy of Football World Heritage.

Right now, Rani Vanouska Modely has received major supports. Like FIFA, FFF UEFA, the African Union, and International Organization for Francophonie, among others.

Her passion for football and hard work stands out. It also shows us that yes:  football should be part of the UNESCO world heritage. Since it has such an important role in our society!


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