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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Outdoor projector enclosures

Nowadays, projectors are used almost everywhere, including outdoors, which means they are used in some of the harshest conditions on earth. Our outdoor projector enclosures protect your projector from overheating and damage such as cigarette smoke, extreme heat or cold, rain, snow, sleet, dust and moisture.

The Screen Solutions of our outdoor projector housings are specially designed to clean cool and filter incoming air before it reaches the projector. Each case also has a water tight lining and additional components to ensure smooth operation in any weather. If your project is more traditional, check out our outdoor projector enclosure options to see which one is right for you.

Safety concerns

The water tight projector enclosure and external protective enclosure of the projector are designing to withstand extreme temperatures while providing weather protection and safety. It comes with cool heating systems and smart temperature cooling as usual. This projector enclosure meets the requirements for weatherproof projector enclosure and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Rain – Rain can permanently destroy your projector. Even light fog can cause damage.

Dirt and Dust – The projectors have ventilation openings that can allow dirt and dust particles to enter. Protect the projector from all small particles.

Ventilation – Projectors require airflow to avoid overheating. Do not block cooling fans or place the projector in a box with no airflow.

Temperature extremes – If your climate is too hot or too cold, external influences can damage the projector. Do not use in freezing temperatures or high temperatures.

Theft – valuable tools left outside can steal. Do not depart the projector unattended.

Water tight projector box

  • Prevent the projector from overheating
  • Intelligent cooling and filtration system
  • Allows you to safely position the projector in harsh environments
  • Outdoor projector enclosure for any environment
  • 99% safe and UV protection windows
  • Hinged door/access panel for projector channel
  • Security lock

The projector box prolongs the life of your projector! Using a water tight case to protect your projector will extend the life of your equipment and significantly reduce maintenance costs. It is intending to defend your projector from damaging elements such as dirt, smoke, heat, cold and moisture. The controlled environment created by each housing reduces the overall operating temperature, thereby extending lamp life and reducing the risk of using electrical components.

We can customize your projector enclosure to suit your specific needs and requirements, and even meet the most stringent standards for water and dust resistance. We supply projector housings for indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, residential, food and beverage applications and many other unique environments. At the same time, depending on the conditions of use, standard refrigeration and air conditioning, remote monitoring, internal heating and other functions can also be select.

Benefits of Outdoor projector Enclosures

Outdoor projector Enclosure housings are water tight so you can leave them unused all year round. They are equipped with special heating and cooling systems that operate at extreme temperatures. From minus to boiling to 145 Fahrenheit! These units are equipped with special filters on the air intake to prevent harmful dust or dirt from entering the housing with the air. Moreover, at the same time, keep the projector safe from insects and bugs.

Projector control

The remote control solution will power cycle using RS232 codes for any projector from any internet-connected device.

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