OSRS Fire Cape Guide: The Best Way to Outmatch Jad and Win Your Fire Cape

OSRS Fire Cape Guide
OSRS Fire Cape Guide

Old School RuneScape is one of the most exciting, thrilling and challenging games one can play. Among the many items the game offers, fire capes is the most sort after by many players because of its aesthetics and melee bonus. Fire capes are undoubtedly much better than Obsidian cape and Legend’s cape. It comes second after infernal cape in melee bonuses. However, getting the OSRS fire cape is not as easy as it sounds. A player will have to defeat a legendary boss known as ‘Jad’. Thus, it is a considered as a huge accomplishment among gamers.

Below is a complete guide that will shed light on all the necessary details on how you an easily get a fire cape and what items you will need.

  • The Tz-Haar fight cave

Generally, the fight cave is a mini combat game with powerful enemies located in the Karamja area. This is a great spot for players looking for faster slayer xp since the enemies and monster can be unlocked as slayer task too. The Tz-Haar fight cave is home to some of the most powerful enemies and monsters compared to other locations. The level ranges from level 22 to level 720(you fight the Jad). The difficulty of each level increases as you level up. Meaning the monsters you will be facing will be increasing in difficulty until the final battle with the Jad. It is quite daunting and challenging. But if you need help you can always buy OSRS Fire Cape services from experienced players.

  • Getting to the Tz-Haar Fight Cave

The place you need to go to confront Jad is the Karamja volcano. Once you reach the Karamja area, turn left to the volcanos. You can find the entrance of the cave by going down a rope into the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon. Once inside locate the cave that will lead you to Mor UI Reck.

  • What items, stat, and equipment do you need to get the fire cape?

The only way to get the fire cape is to kill TzTok-Jad and walk out of the fight cave alive. Gamers have to complete all the 43 waves and walk out of the cave alive for them to receive osrs fire cape service as a reward. The task can take approximately 40 minutes or long depending on your experience, skills and the gear you are using.

As a result, you need to be well prepared before going into the Tz-Haar fight cave. The most proven and effective way is to make use of the Ranged only method instead of the most common Guthans method. However, if you used Ranged, ensure to have at least 70 ranged and 45 Prayer and Defense in order to effectively save food until the final wave. You will also need at least two Ranging potions, around 20 saradomin potion and super-restore potions.

The equipment you need will depend on the skill of your character. It will also depend on how much OSRS gold you have and how much you are willing to spend. The wise option is to go for equipment that will make up for areas where your defenses are low. You should also be carrying an amulet of raging to help you enhance your ranging skills to a whole new level. Wearing a ranging armor can also improve your range.

  • The final battle against Jad

You will have to battle your way through a wide array of monsters and enemies to finally have a thrilling and challenging face off with the Jad in Level 720. The Jad is one of the most difficult opponents you will have to face. It possess a lethal mix of magic and ranged attacks that are dangerous if you don’t take much care and precautions. The good news is that there are cues that can help you avoid the full force of such attacks. For instance, a crashing notice will indicate that the Jad is about to use a Ranged attack and a sweeping sound indicates a magic attack.

You can also watch for visual cues. For example, when the Jad leans back on his back feet that indicates the Jad is about to use a Ranged attack and you should adjust your defenses accordingly. The Jad will lean his head forward when about to use a magic attack.

When fighting the Jad you need to have a well-planned strategy to take down the healers helping him as well. You can shift their attention to your character and not to healing the Jad. Always keep an eye on your health and use the potions you carried with you when needed.

  • Benefits of the fire cape

Apart from its aesthetics and bonus, the fire cape has other uses that are beneficial. You can use it to gain access to Mor UI Rek by showing the cape to the guards. You can also sacrifice it to Tz-Haar-Ket-Keh to enter the inferno.

Final thoughts

If you follow the guide above you will easily get your first win over the Jad. Ensure you have enough OSRS gold to reach the required levels. When fighting do not panic and neither should you underestimate the fight caves. Good luck and enjoy the pleasure of winning your first OSRS fire cape.



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