Nine Ways To Improve Back Pain

Back Pain
Back Pain

Back pain is a nuisance! When the agony shoots up your spine, it hinders your performance. You can’t concentrate on anything but the sharp discomfort. Back pains are not uncommon; they happen for numerous reasons. You could have a bad poster, or you may have lifted something heavy or injured yourself in an accident. The intensity also varies with the type of injury and age. Some may be a dull throb that turns into a sharp pain. No matter what the case is, you should look after yourself.

If the discomfort is manageable after using pain relievers, you should treat yourself. However, if it is unmanageable and even the slightest movement makes you uncomfortable, you should see a doctor. However, if you seek instant relief, you’ve come to the right place. We have shortlisted some techniques you can apply to alleviate your pain.

Avoid extensive bed rest

If you have severe back pain, try not confining yourself to a bed. The lack of movement and staying in the same position for too long can make your muscles stiff. As a result, your condition may become painful, and you may have a hard time trying to move your muscles. In case this happens, try contacting a physiotherapist. Don’t know of any near you? A quick search on Google can help. For instance, if you happen to be in Singapore, search for ‘physiotherapy in Singapore‘ and narrow down a few options for yourself. Repeat the same for any city/area you live in. A few sessions should make things a lot better.


If the pain is manageable, you should try moving. For example, you may try sauntering or swinging your arms. If your back pain doesn’t allow movement, you should consider doing light stretches while you’re seated. However, don’t try to force yourself if that aggravates your condition. It would help if you started small and worked your way up. You may even wear back support to assist you while exercising your muscles.

Maintain a good posture

Maintaining a good posture is not easy. It would help if you were mindful of the way you sit and stand at all times. The way you hold your back defines your posture. A good posture requires the bones in your spine to be correctly aligned. If you’re looking for ways to have a good posture, ensure you don’t sit or walk with your back hunched. You should get cushions for back support if you sit for an extensive period. When you’re walking, roll your shoulders and let your arms loose on your sides.

Switch shoes

Shoes impact your back. If you wear shoes with heels for too long, it may take a toll on your spine and posture. If your profession requires you to be on your feet all day, consider buying shoes that offer support and comfort. You may even visit a foot specialist to get shoes suitable for your requirements. It will help if you invest in comfortable shoes for everyday wear. You can even get gels and sole support separately for added relief.

Switch up your workstation

The cause of your back pain may also stem from uncomfortable seating or lack of mobility at the workplace. If that is the case, improvise by adjusting both factors. Adjust your chair so that it is at eye level. This will also reduce the stress on your back and neck. Most companies now have incorporated a standing desk that allows you to stretch as you work. If your job requires you to do the heavy lifting, use machines and trolleys to move objects. Don’t attempt lifting them on your own.

Use heat and cold

When it comes to using a cold compress, you can use an ice pack. Ice packs can help reduce inflammation. In addition, you can apply them directly to the injury safely. The cold provides a numbing effect, and you can get instant relief from mind-numbing pain. However, don’t apply it to an area for more than 20 minutes to prevent frostbite. You can create a makeshift ice pack for yourself from frozen vegetables or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. Similarly, heating pads are suitable for stiff and aching muscles. If you’re going to use one, ensure the temperature is not too hot to burn your skin.

Get proper sleep

You need to get proper sleep at night, or your pain will get worse. So before you sleep, ensure you have a comfortable mattress and pillows. Lumpy mattresses need replacement, as well as pillows that have lost their form and no longer usable. If you sleep on your side, try putting a pillow between your legs. Adjusting your position on the bed till you find a comfortable spot helps relieve some of the pain.

Reduce the amount of stress you take

Stress has many ways to manifest in your body. For example, you may start feeling muscular pain if you are stressed out or anxious. In such situations, you should consult a doctor and get yourself on a proper treatment plan. If you have stress but no anxiety, you can try these different techniques. Try meditating as much as you can. You may even want to look into yoga or deep breathing to get rid of additional stress. If you get anxiety from work, consider taking a paid leave and use your vacation time as much as possible.

See a doctor

If you have severe or chronic back pain, chances are you can’t manage it with home remedies. You need to help yourself by going to a doctor. A doctor can help determine the cause of your back pain and deduce if you need surgery or medication. It would help if you didn’t ignore your condition for long. There is a chance that with time your symptoms may get worse, and you may need to hit the ER.

Wrap up

If you have back pain, there are both at-home remedies and clinical options for you. First, you should try minimal movement and stretches so that your muscles do not stiffen on you. Next, try using an ice pack or a heating pad to ease some of it. When you sleep at night, ensure your bed is comfortable and find a good spot to sleep. If you accumulate a lot of stress, you need to take it easy and try meditation. Finally, see a doctor and determine how you can get treated if these methods don’t work.



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