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Nathaniel Mell, Felt+Fat Founder, Highlights The Power of Pause in Business and Leadership

When the term business leader, CEO, or entrepreneur comes to mind, many people think of busy lifestyles with non-stop demands and a “go-go-go” mentality. That might be the case for most, but successful business developers will also chime in on how taking a break can give anyone the rest and mental balance needed to help a business or leadership capabilities grow.

Nathaniel Mell is the Founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, a ceramic design, and manufacturing studio based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia that is now flowing with success. Mell was asked back in 2013 to design a set of plates for what is now known as the award-winning restaurant ‘High Street on Market.’ Since his beginning designs, the Felt and Fat studio and its team have grown drastically thanks to Mell’s leadership and drive to become a go-to manufacturer for design-conscious restaurateurs, and later, at-home chefs.

Growing from a small project to a full-on manufacturing company, Mell reflects on the power of the pause in business and leadership. To avoid burnout or frustration from the many day-to-day challenges a business can bring, Mell brings forth strategies for self-care and suggestions for how to implement such strategies into any busy schedule. Below, Mell provides an overview of the self-doubt, self-care, and re-entry phases of taking a step back, or a pause, to fuel efforts forward in any business.

What Is a “Pause” in Business and Leadership

“For those wanting to grow in business or as a leader, learning to pause is crucial to increase effectiveness,” said Nate Mell.

A pause can be created by activities such as meditation, a breathing technique, a walk, a peaceful coffee break, exercise, or practicing a hobby and is a moment that allows for personal space to instill a time of reflection. Pause not only is proactive for growth as an individual, but it also generates high-quality activity, which increases resilience for people in business and leaders, enhancing skill sets that help when faced with challenging issues.

When actively engaging a pause, an individual gives the brain a sign that the moment that is currently taking place is a moment of relaxation. Time spent breaking away from work with a pause can spark thoughts of clarity on issues that the mind needs to solve but has a chance to breathe from in the meantime.

In moments of self-doubt when in leadership roles or growing a company, trade the negative for the positive and replace the self-doubt for self-care. Self-care and using a pause to provoke self-care, not self-sabotage, can rejuvenate an individual and prevent burnout or dodge a temptation to turn to bad habits or act out of exhaustion or lack of confidence.

The Length of a Pause

Don’t pause for too long, right? Wrong. The length of a pause is personal and specific to each person. The power of pause comes in the span of its necessity per the individual, and there is no specified time that grants standard reflection. No matter how long a pause might take, whether it is twenty minutes, a day, or three weeks, the power of the pause results in clarity.

About Nathaniel Mell

Nathaniel Mell is the founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, a ceramic design, and manufacturing studio serving both professional and at-home chefs. Nate Mell started the Philadelphia-based company in 2014 after graduating from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and working at the world-renown Philadelphia Clay Studio.

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