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Most Powerful Aphrodisiacs Food To Improve Energy

Most Powerful Aphrodisiacs Food

Oysters, avocados, chocolate, honey … Perhaps everyone has heard something about aphrodisiacs food that awaken passion. But few people know why these products are considered so popular with people.


The famous hero-lover of Casanova ate fifty oysters for breakfast to be on top of a love bed after dinner. And in ancient Rome, oysters were an obligatory treat at orgies.

Oysters also have their mythological history. The goddess of love and passion – emerged from the shell and reached the shore on it. Since then, mollusks have been considered sacred animals, & pearls have been a magic stone that helps health.


Avocado has a soft, creamy texture that creates an unusual sensory experience. But the fact that this green fruit with a kind of wrinkled skin began to be considered an aphrodisiac is again “to blame” for the appearance.

The fact is that these fruits grow on branches in pairs, and this resembles a certain part of the male body.

The avocado proved to be a good fruit of love. And the sailors could not help bringing the fruit with that name to Europe. They renamed it alligator pear, which was decent to the original name. In the end, the name “avocado” became established, indicating the similarity of the fruit to bird eggs. And the fame of the avocado, as a fruit that arouses passion, has reached our days.


Nuts have been known as an aphrodisiac since the days of Ancient Greece. It’s not for nothing that almonds in sugar have been a traditional wedding treat in many countries. The Greeks blessed the young with almonds to ensure a fruitful union.

Legend has it that an unmarried girl dreaming of marriage should keep an almond nut under her pillow. In Morocco, after the wedding night, the bride distributes almonds to the children to ensure her luck in giving birth and raising heirs.

In treating a person of the opposite with almonds is a direct offer of love. The connection between almonds and human reproductive functions goes back to the Bible.


According to legend, she raised the first pomegranate tree on the island of Cyprus. This fruit is designed to be a symbol of fertility. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to improve erection.

Seven pomegranate seeds Hades gives to Persephone so that she can return to him in the underworld. The Greeks believed that with the arrival of Persephone to the surface, the spring awakening of all living things is associated, and during the time she spends in the lower kingdom, winter comes.


A heart-shaped box of chocolates has long become Valentine’s Day’s attribute. Chocolate promotes the production of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness,” but scientists have not yet found any substances that cause physical arousal. In small doses, chocolate is just a treat. However, it consistently sits at the top of the list of aphrodisiacs food.

It was generally available but was considered the drink of the gods. Chocolate was an indispensable part of the rituals of engagement and marriage.


The most powerful aphrodisiac is honey. Greeks used to increase health.

It contains many beneficial substances that contribute to the health of the reproductive system. It relieves stiffness and promotes arousal on the wedding night. Mead is the very first and most widespread alcoholic beverage.


The most unexpected aphrodisiac is garlic. It would seem that there could be a more disgusting smell of garlic from a partner. The more interesting is the history of this aphrodisiac. The Talmud instructs couples to consume garlic on Fridays, the traditional day of marriage. At the same time, sperm production increases, a warm feeling of happiness spreads throughout the body. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to improve erection. Plus, garlic is believed to quench jealousy & help people get closer.

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