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Thursday, May 13, 2021

MindInSole Acupressure Magnetic Massage Foot Therapy Reflexology Pain Relief Shoe

MindInSole: Are these insoles really good for back pain, aching feet, improved circulation, and an overall boost in energy levels? Sounds good on paper, but ​are these acupuncture soles really worth your money? Read all about it in our Mindinsole review below.

Mindinsole Review

PROS: ​Mindinsole is a shoe insert that increases your blood flow and oxygen. As such, they help to relieve soreness and stress on your feet. They have a lightweight, breathable material that will help to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. They rely on magnets and acupressure to target specific zones. The magnets soothe your feet, increase circulation, and make you feel more energetic

​CONS:  they ​come as a one size fit all. That means you will get the same size for boots, sandals, heels, running shoes, etc. As such, you will have to trim them to fit in a particular type of shoe.

​BOTTOM LINE: If you struggle with a sore back, muscle inflammation, and stiff joints, this might ​just be your solution. Mindinsole is the world’s first acupressure insoles. They provide you with a sensational relaxing experience in every step you take. They are designed to get rid of your leg and back pains. Getting Mindinsole is a wise decision you can make for a happier and healthier you.

Mindinsole Review: The Relief Your Feet Deserve

Whoever has to stand for two hours ​or ​someone who works out a lot in the morning will tell you how their legs beg for relief at the end ​of the day. However comfortable you think your shoe is, you will always have sore feet if you use them for a long time. ​Sores may translate to foot pains, which may, in turn, become leg and back pains or develop bunions. To counter these stresses, reflexology Mindinsole insoles that slide right into your shoe ​were designed.​

The Mindinsole (mind insole) is scientifically designed with strategically placed magnets and 400 massage points on each foot. This helps ​soothe, cool the foot, boost endurance, and relieve body pain. They also feature an airflow design and a moisture-wicking technology that help to keep the feet cool regardless of the activities that you undertake.​

Some critics will call this the “placebo effect.” This is where a patient who was given a placebo or false treatment reports having improved from the condition that they were suffering from. This is because they believe that they have been receiving the right treatment for that condition. In that connection, the critics argue that the Mindinsole insoles do not actually provide leg and body relief.

Users simply get relieved because they have been convinced by Mindinsole websites and Mindinsole reviews that the insoles will work. To find out how true this is, follow us on this MindInsole review. By the end, you will have decided for yourself whether it is a placebo effect or it actually works.


  • ​Mindinsole can be trimmed to work in all types of shoes including sandals and boots
  • ​They are lightweight, and therefore they will not add extra weight to your feet
  • ​They have an airflow design that keeps your feet cool and prevents them from sweating
  • ​MindInsole also reduce​ sores on your feet and also prevent general wear and tear on your feet
  • The magnets in the insoles increase circulation thereby making you more energetic
  • The insoles help to relieve pain and body pains. This improves your overall body health making you healthier and happier
  • ​Mindinsole are easy to clean in lukewarm water and mild dish soap


  • ​If you have other complications, the Mindinsole may not do much to improve your health
  • ​Some users complain of having problems getting a refund or replacement
  • ​The insoles come between your shoes and your socks. As such, they may feel as uncomfortable additions
  • They do not target a specific foot problem
  • The insoles are a bit more expensive
  • Cutting the insole makes their warranty null and void


  • ​Eight cooling magnets. These produce gentle magnetic waves with natural magnetic fields and cooling, soft, and smooth stones. These help to keep your feet cool and relaxed
  • ​12 large acupoints that support your foot’s arch and body’s core
  • ​They feature 120 medium acupoints that stimulate reflexes
  • The Mindinsole also features 270 small acupoints that promote nutrients for increased blood flow.
  • The eight magnets are strategically placed to relieve pain when on the key reflex points
  • They have an airflow design and moist absorption technology that absorb moisture and aerate the foot to keep it fresh and dry
  • The Mindinsole insole comes in a one size fits all design
  • The insoles have eight large massaging pieces each

​Who can benefit the most?

​If you are the kind of person who spends most of your time on your feet, then the Mindinsole has been designed for you. You can be an athlete who wakes up every morning to cover many kilometers of practice. Or you are a teacher or a lecturer who spends a lot of time standing or walking around the class to supervise. Are you a farm manager who has to walk around the farm daily to check on the progress? Or you are a nurse, and you are required to walk around the wards seeing patients and administering medicine.

The bottom line is that the Mindinsole insoles are the best solution for everybody who spends most of their time on their feet. Having shoes for a long time can make your feet sweaty. Nobody wants sweaty feet. They are very uncomfortable, smelly, sore, and numb. The Mindinsole insoles solve those specific problems. You slip Mindinsole into your shoes, and you relieve pressure and stimulation that alleviates soreness in your feet. You will feel more relaxed during the day with Mindinsole’s gentle massage and acupressure. The Mindinsole insoles also boost your energy as you go about your daily activities with magnet therapy and stimulation.

You should walk away from your soreness and pains with Mindinsole. These are the only insoles that have been proven to relieve foot, leg, and back pains. The insoles can be used by:

  • ​Athletes and ​coaches
  • ​Floor managers
  • ​Farm managers
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Teachers and lecturers
  • Professional coaches
  • Security guards
  • Drivers
  • Supervisors in industries
  • Polices officers and army officers

​There are no limits, rules, or regulations to what you can do while wearing Mindinsole. The fact that they are comfortable and relaxing makes them an excellent choice for everybody. They also make you more energetic as you carry out your activities. ​

While wearing Mindinsole insoles ​you can:

who is it for
  • ​Workout
  • ​Go running
  • ​Go shopping at your favorite mall
  • ​Play and have fun with your grandchildren or children
  • ​Enjoy any outdoor activity
  • ​Workaround the house
  • Go skiing
  • Hike
  • Go on an adventure

How Do Mind Insoles Work?

​Mindinsole insoles are designed to fit ​any shoe, both men’s ​and women’s sizes. This is because they feature an easy to trim material and have a trimmable pre-marked guideline. The insoles can also be transferred between shoes. This, however, may not provide a precision fit in ​every instance.

After you put them on, the Mindinsole will start working right away. The acupressure massage works to bring harmony and balance to your body. The Mindinsole Company has infused the tradition of ancient medicines with scientifically proven new technologies.

On each foot, Mindinsole has more than 400 raised nodules in different sizes. These nodules are the ones that are referred to as acupoints. There are:

  • ​12 large acupoints for the foot’s arch
  • ​120 medium acupoints that provide general massage and soothing
  • ​270 micro acupoints that work to increase circulation

​​The term “acupoints” has been used to refer to specifically chosen sites of acupuncture manipulation and the basis of studying acupuncture mechanisms. It is also used to refer to acupressure which is a form of Chinese traditional medicine. The medicine aims to stimulate the body’s energy fields using pressure points. In traditional medicine, the professional will insert needles into each pressure point in your body. The acupuncture will help you feel healthier and reduce stress.

The acupoints on the Mindinsole work in the same manner. They provide small amounts of pressure on some spots on your foot. After you have taken some steps, you will realize that you will feel less stressed and more relaxed.

The Mindinsole also features eight magnets on each foot that produce natural, magnetic fields that deliver a cooling effect. The magnets pull heat from your feet, preventing them from sweating. This prevents your feet from overheating and feeling uncomfortable on a long busy day.

​Benefits of wearing Mindinsole inserts

​Before you can decide to buy a Mindinsole insert, it is good that you find out how it is going to benefit you. To make your work easier, we went ahead and sampled some of the Mindinsole independent reviews. This gives a feel of how other users have benefited and what they have to say.

From the mindinsole reviews, we compiled the following list of benefits:

  • Alleviate pain – As we saw earlier, one of the things that disturb people who wear shoes for a long time is soreness. The soreness may translate to pain in the feet, then the legs, and ultimately the back. This may leave one feeling down and unwilling to step out. The Mindinsole helps you to alleviate this pain. This is made possible by the acupoints on the insole that help to relieve and prevent pain in your legs and back.
  • ​Reduce stress – When you take a few steps on the insoles, you start feeling more relaxed and less stressed. The Mindinsole gentle massage and acupressure make you feel comfortable all through the day.
  • Boost overall energy – Maybe you are feeling a little tired and exhausted. You feel like you want to spend the rest of your day sleeping away from your exhaustion. You do not have to worry anymore. Slip in Mindinsole into your shoes to boost your energy with magnet therapy and stimulation. You will then feel energetic enough to face the rest of your day with vigor.

​Mindinsole has a simple design that has a lot more going that you cannot see. Apart from the pain relief and comfort, the insoles can help you restore your body to a more balanced state. When you are balanced, and your feet are correctly supported, you can enjoy many more impressive benefits. These include less back pain, stronger muscles, fewer toxins, and feet that will not be sore at the end of a busy day.

It is because of ​the reasons mentioned above that Mindinsole insole reviews are surprisingly mostly positive.

​Mindinsole for Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight?

​Mindinsole may not be what comes to your mind when you are thinking of losing weight. You will probably think about hitting the gym or checking on your diet. But can Mindinsole help you with weight loss? Yes. The Mindinsole makes you comfortable and relaxed as you work out. You can run and jog for many miles without worrying about your feet becoming sore. As such, the insoles help you in losing weight as they assist you in working out for longer hours. On the other hand, we have seen earlier that Mindinsole helps ​boost energy. This is precisely what you need so that you can be able to work out even after a long day at work.

Common Signs That You Need to Lose Weight

weight loss with mind in sole insoles
  • ​Your doctor says you have high blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • ​You are finding it challenging to exercise
  • ​Snoring
  • You gain weight each year
  • ​Increased appetite
  • Chronic lack of energy
  • weight circumference that is greater than 35 inches
  • Your knees, hip, and back hurt

​How to Cut Mind Insole Shoe Inserts

​One of the best features of Mindinsole is that it comes in one size fits all. You can, therefore, trim it to fit into any shoe size. Cutting the insole is not complicated as you only need a pair of scissors, craft paper, and a pen.

how to cut and fit insoles

The following steps will guide you on cutting the insole:

  • Step 1 and 2:​ Start by ​removing your current insoles from your shoes. You can then put your ​existing insoles​ on top of the new ones. Use ​a pen to trace the outline of the ​existing insole​​
  • ​Step 3: use the scissors to cut ​your new insole around the edges. If the template size was the correct one, you should get an insole that perfectly fits your shoe.
  • ​Step 4: the insole should slide easily into the shoe and fit perfectly.

​Where to Buy Mindinsole

​You can purchase your pair of insole from the Mindinsole official website. You also get the opportunity to see other Mindinsole products on the site. These include reflexology rings, compression socks, and bracelets. Mindinsole can also be purchased on Amazon and some customers rather buy them there.

Benefits of Reflexology

Where To Buy Mindinsole
  • ​Relaxation
  • Improvement of ​brainpower
  • ​Increased blood circulation in your body
  • ​Reduces body toxins
  • Improvement of nerve functions
  • Boosting metabolism and energy levels
  •  Reducing headaches
  • Can help with weight loss

​Is it Worth it?

​Reading the Mindinsole reviews is the best guide for you to decide if you should buy the insoles or not. Here, you will get to see what the other customers say about the insoles and what they like about them. The following are some benefits that you get from the reviews that can guide you through.

​One size fits all

The insoles can be used by both men and women. You do not have to think again about your gender as you purchase your insoles. The other key benefit is that the insoles come in one size fits all. They will fit any shoe type and any shoe size (7-12). These include running shoes, boots, sandals, and heels. In case they are bigger than your shoe, you can use a pair of scissors to cut them to your desired size.

Multiple acupoints

Other shoe inserts have the acupuncture design. However, Mindinsole stands out as the insert with the most number of acupoints that are strategically positioned. The acupoints will hit specific points on your feet, giving you comfort as you walk and reduce the pressure. The best thing is that even when you cut the insole to fit your shoe size, the acupoints will still hit the specific areas of your feet.

Cooling Magnets

Each insole features eight cooling magnets. The magnets absorb heat and assist in keeping your feet free from overheating and sweating. This gives your feet a cool and comfortable atmosphere all day. The eight magnets on each insole are also strategically positioned so that they target different areas of your arch to your toes. Just like the acupuncture mechanism, the magnets work by stimulating specific areas of the feet.

Extremely User-Friendly

One feature that makes the Mindinsole stand out from the other shoe inserts is that it is easy to use. It is not a wonder to get other inserts in the market that take many steps to use, feel uncomfortable, and do not fit in your shoes. However, Mindinsoles are simple to use. Even if they come in a larger size than your shoes, the steps to trim them are easy to follow. After cutting, you slip them into your shoes, and you are good to go. Users say that when you start walking, the insoles start working immediately, and you can feel the relaxation effect immediately.

Unwanted side effects of overheating feet

easy to use - on size fits all
  • ​Bad feet and sock odor due to increased sweating
  • ​Dry skin on feet
  • ​Increased wear and tear of shoes
  • ​Any feet conditions become worse (fungus…)
  • ​Increased risk of developing athlete’s foot

​Other benefits of acupoint insoles

  • ​They come with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects that may alter the design of the insole
  • ​The insoles can easily be removed, cleaned with lukewarm water and soap, and hanged out to dry
  • ​Using the insole can reduce ​pain and effects of certain medical disorders, giving you the energy and motivation to work
  • ​Inserts come with a shaping guide that shows you how to cut and shape the insole so that it fits perfectly in your shoe
  • ​On the official MindInsole website​ you get discounts ​from time to time with your purchase of more than one pai​r or other healthcare products
  • ​Super-lightweight design – no bulky shoe or added weight
  • A more affordable way of stimulating your feet than visiting an acupuncture specialist
  • ​Insoles start working immediately​. This massages your feet and makes them comfortable so that you can have a fresh feeling ​throughout the day

Common symptoms of ​athlete’s foot

reflexology and benefits
  • ​Cracking and peeling skin on your feet, mostly between your toes and on your soles
  • ​Dry skin on your soles or the sides of your feet
  • ​Discolored and thick thumbnails
  • ​Itching and burning sensation between your toes
  • ​Blisters on your feet that itch
  • ​Toenails that are pulling away from the toe bed

Is Mindinsole a scam? Things to Consider

​As much as Mindinsole has all these pros, benefits, and positive reviews, there are some serious issues that you should look in to. This will help you make an informed decision as you purchase.

One of the issues to consider is that the magnetic shoe insoles do not effectively relieve foot pain. According to researchers report on the current issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, patients who strongly believed in magnets had pain relief even when given false magnets to wear. The exciting result relates to the placebo effect. This is a situation where a patient reports improvement from a condition even when given the placebo or false treatment. If you experience any slight discomfort or pain in your feet, this is a medical issue. Therefore, the best decision is to visit your doctor.

The other consideration you should take is that you might have issues getting your money back in case you want a refund. Whether you buy from Amazon or the Mindinsole official website, you will only get your money back if the insoles are new. If you have already tried them or cut them to fit into your shoe, then you can be sure not to get any refund. According to the Mindinsole reviews, some users say that it is even a little easier to get a refund on Amazon than getting in from Mindinsole official website.

Mindinsoles can provide cushioning, and the different sized noodles and magnets may provide some form of massaging action. However, Mindinsole has not provided any research to support these claims on their website. As much as they claim that they have infused traditional methods and scientifically proven innovative technology, there is no data on their site that supports this. There is no proof that magnets can provide any real-world benefits on the bodies​ “chakras”.

The Mindinsole insoles come at a much higher price than those of the competitors with the same features. This, with the fact that it is difficult to get a refund, makes it a factor to consider before giving out your money.

Mindinsole Cons to Consider

  • ​Similar insoles with the same features could cost less
  • At first, they may not be comfortable
  • ​Like many alternative medical devices – no research or data to back up the products descriptions
  • Shop around for discounts as it is not available everywhere


When you search online for acupoint inserts, you get hundreds of different products that are priced way cheaper than the Mindinsole insoles. Many of these products promise to offer the same features as the MindInsole inserts. The features include cushioned material, built-in magnets, unisex designs, printability, and the option to transfer them between different shoes.

One of the biggest alternatives is Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts. The products come at a lower price on Amazon. They have a soft microfiber top cloth, exceptional heel cushioning, and cradleflex arch support. They require no trimming, and they fit easily in most shoes.

The other competition comes from Timberland, the same brand that produces different types of shoes. Timberland makes the PRO Anti-Fatigue Insole that also works in shoes from other manufacturers. They have a size chart you can comfortably use to determine the exact size you need. The insole has a foam material that can absorb shock and pressure as you walk or run. The anti-fatigue feature reduces pressure and stress and gives you the comfort to push through a long working day without getting sore feet.

Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Inserts is another insole option. They are suitable for those people who work out a lot. This is because they can stand the most vigorous physical activities. They feature PU materials and an EVA foam. The materials absorb sweat making your feet remain dry, cool, and odorless. They also have a nonslip design.

AME Magnetic Full Insoles come at a low price. They feature eight hundred magnets with north (negative) per insole. The Enshey Magnetic Stone Deodorizing Therapy Shoe Insoles is another option that features unique raised ridges instead of individual nodules. These offer a more intense massaging effect on your feet.

These, among many others, offer competition to the MindInsole inserts. They come at a much lower price but offer similar features.

​Our Verdict and Conclusion

Leg pains, stiff joints, and back pains can be annoying. They can change an otherwise productive day to one where you want to sleep and feel well. As such, you should take action so that you can work, stand for long hours, and work out in peace. Mindinsole shoe inserts are what you need. The insoles have been made through fusing traditional practices and new, innovative, and scientifically proven acupuncture technology. In that connection, the insoles massage your feet hit specific areas of your feet, and absorb moisture from your feet. This stimulates them, relieves you of the leg and back pains, and leaves you feeling comfortable and relaxed. Thus, you have a healthier, more productive, and happier you.

There are different critics of the Mindinsole shoe inserts. It is for that reason that in this Mindinsole review, we have provided you with the features, pros, and cons of the insoles. It is clear that the pros supersede the cons. In that connection, we recommend MindInsole for you so that you can enjoy a pain-free and comfortable life.

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