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A militär taschenlampe is simply a flashlight designed for tactical use. Numerous tactical flashlights are designed to be attached to guns for use in low-light situations. They are often smaller than standard flashlights, generate far more light, and are constructed entirely of gun-grade aluminum for optimum durability. While tactical flashlights are typically used by military and law enforcement personnel. Olight is a market leader in the manufacture of the military, law enforcement, and tactical flashlights. Let’s take a look at some of Olight’s top tactical flashlights that are ideal for these types of circumstances.

  1. Flashlight Olight M1X Striker
  2. Olight M2T Warrior torch
  3. Olight X9R Marauder – Extremely Bright Flashlight

Flashlight Olight M1X Striker:

The Olight M1X striker emits 1000 lumens and has a range of 190 meters.


This is a tactical flashlight designed specifically for handling tactical scenarios. This gadget is designed specifically for police, army, and BOS forces.

Operating instructions:

A switch at the lamp’s end and another button on the lamp head control the lamp. The limit switch can be pressed momentarily or permanently to turn it on. By pressing OFF twice, the top level is always started. Strobe mode is initiated by pressing the triple button.

Once the light is turned on, the side switch allows you to choose between four different brightness settings. The specified level is then automatically picked each time the device is powered on. Strobe mode is also activated by holding the button down.

Clip for pocket:

The Olight M1X striker features a detachable stainless steel pocket clip that is scratch and corrosion-resistant. It may be beneficial to secure it with a pocket, cap, or bag.


The Olight M1X striker is waterproof to a depth of 2 meters (IPX8). It performs admirably in snow, splashes of water, and rain.


The FT20 color filter is compatible with the Olight M1X. It is available with or without a light.


The Olight M1X striker has the following five modes.

1st mode:

When used at 550-1000 lumens, this gadget will operate for 5 to 55 minutes if the battery is completely charged.

2nd mode:

If we use this gadget at 350 lumens in this mode, it will last for two hours if the battery is completely charged.

3rd mode:

If we use this gadget at 60 lumens in this mode, it will last 12 hours if the battery is completely charged.

4th mode:

If we use this gadget at 10 lumens in this mode, it will operate for 60 hours on a fully charged battery.

5th mode:

If we operate this gadget at 0.5 lumens in this mode, it will last 360 hours on a completely charged battery.

Olight M2T Warrior flashlight:

The M2T Warrior is a tactical two-button LED flashlight based on the groundbreaking M2R model. It is designed to meet the tactical requirements of police, BOS forces, and the military. It is powered by a 18650 battery and has an XHP35 HD CW-LED. The M2T Warrior has a lumen output range of 1 to 1200.

This light is equipped with a silent, small limit switch for convenient operation. The limit switch can be pressed for instantaneous on and depressed for permanent on.

These militär taschenlampe are made especially overcome suspicious kinds of situations. These flashlights may be utilized in a variety of civil settings, such as tours and vacations, and other related activities. I hope you find this information useful. We’ll return with further fascinating information. Maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle!

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