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Maximizing a Room’s Potential: The Best Murphy Beds for Small Spaces

Do you live in a small home? Are you tired of forcing your guests to sleep on the floor or sofa when they visit? Do you dream of a day when you can have a guest room to provide your visitors?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you need a wall bed. Keep reading to find all you need to know before investing in the best murphy beds for your home.

What Are Murphy Beds?

A murphy bed is an innovative piece of furniture that helps free up valuable space in small rooms. The bed folds up into a freestanding unit against a wall when not in use. Wall beds are indispensable for small homes or for people looking for a multi-functional piece to make more use of their rooms.

How to Choose a Murphy Bed

Now that you know what wall beds are, you need to decide which is best for your space. Here are some features you should consider before choosing one to buy.


Modern murphy beds are a sight to behold. They go far beyond their humble beginnings as a bed that can just fold up. Newer types of wall beds feature cabinetry, shelving, and even desks.

You have plenty of style options to choose from so pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. If your guest bedroom will double as an office, choose a bed that has a desk integrated within it.

The style features you choose will ultimately allow your guest bed to seamlessly integrate with your wall.

Horizontal vs Vertical 

Vertical murphy beds are usually the first style people think of when they consider wall beds. This style is upright, providing space for a bigger mattress. You will also need more floor space, however.

Most vertical styles need around 88-inches of ceiling height and 6 to 8 feet of floor space when the bed is pulled down.

Horizontal styles are perfect for rooms with lower ceilings. The frames are side-mounted so one end of the bed is flush with the wall bed itself.


Wall beds come in all sizes depending on what your needs are for your room. You can find vertical and horizontal murphy beds in mattress sizes from twin to king. Remember that if you’re dealing with a room with a low ceiling, a horizontal style bed might be the best.


The best quality murphy beds are made with solid wood. This ensures a strong and durable construction that can withstand many years of use. Most companies use oak, mahogany, pine, or cedar.

Plywood won’t warp over time like wood sometimes can, but it can be less structurally sound due to wood knots.

Particleboard looks like real wood but rings up at a much lower price. The problem is that it may not be as durable. MDF is similar to particleboard, but it’s made with finer wood particles and has better durability.

Be sure to research different types of wood for furniture before making your decision.

Safety Features

If you have small children or curious pets, you need a murphy bed with safety features. Most modern styles already have these features integrated, but it’s good to know what to be on the lookout for.

You need a bed that has a hinged counterbalance system to ensure easy setting up and putting away. The system will also hold the bed in place so it won’t suddenly release on unsuspecting passersby.

Your installation team should also include wall attachments to fasten the bed to the wall.

The Best Murphy Beds for Your Space

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of a wall bed, let’s look at the most popular options on the market today.

The Remington Murphy Bed

The Remington is one of the most stylish and functional murphy bed styles we found. It’s available in twin, full, queen, or king-size formats.

The manufacturer provides several ways you can customize this bed to your liking. There are 7 different wood species you can choose from including rustic cherry or alder wood. Add a lighting system or drop-down desk to make the Remington model truly stand out in your guest room.

Choose one of the 27 different finish colors to customize your one-of-a-kind Remingtonwall bed.

The Dakota Murphy Bed

Though not as flashy as the Remington model, the Dakota is still a functional wall bed option. It’s a perfect pick for people whose style falls into the “less is more” category.

This bed comes in twin, full, queen, or king-size models and is available in five different wood options. Its streamlined look can fit almost any home aesthetic from modern contemporary to even industrial.

Customize your Dakota wall bed by adding side or bed top cabinetry, a storage headboard a drop-down table, or lighting.

Murphy Bunk Bed

Do you have small children or perhaps a large family that often comes to visit? If you’re struggling to find a place in your home for your many visitors to sleep, a Murphy bunk bed is your best choice. No longer will your guests be forced to sleep on pull-out sofas or uncomfortable air mattresses.

The Murphy bunk bed features two twin mattresses stacked on top of each other. There is an option to upgrade to twin extra long for taller guests. At just 17-inches deep, this bed has a very small footprint that frees up your room for other activities.

The upper bed features a guard rail for safety as well as a ladder to make access a breeze.

Maximize Your Space With a Murphy Bed

If you’re dealing with tight spaces in your home, a murphy bed is a must-have. Your guests will thank you and you’ll enjoy having more space in your home when you don’t have anyone visiting.

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