Man’s Best Friend? Surprising Dog Bite Statistics

Dog Bite Statistics
Dog Bite Statistics

Ah, dogs: there’s nothing quite like them. They’re protective of you, they treat you like royalty, and they’re some of the most adorable creatures this world has ever known.

That said, dogs are far from infallible. Like human beings, they can lash out, and when they do, it can sometimes lead to biting.

Interested in learning about dog bite statistics? Then read on because we’re going to cover some of them in detail below.

Neutered Dogs Bite Much Less

One of the most common causes of dog bites is that the dog has not yet been neutered. It’s estimated that over 70% of dog bites occur as a result of the dog not having been put through this procedure.

See, neutering greatly reduces aggression in male dogs. Aggression, of course, is directly correlated with biting. So, by neutering your dog, you’re substantially reducing the risk that he will bite you or someone else.

Chained Dogs Can Cause Fatality

A chained dog might seem like a harmless dog. However, in fact, chained dogs are responsible for approximately 25% of dog bite fatalities.

Some of these dogs cause fatality by attacking those who get in too close a range of them. Others of these dogs break loose from their chains, allowing them to chase down and attack those at a distance.

In any case, don’t take a chained dog for granted. Be aware of the situation and have your wits about you.

Most Dog Bites Don’t Cause Injury

Now that we’ve highlighted the prominence of dog bites, we must relay this important piece of information: most dog bites don’t cause injury. In fact, it’s estimated that around 81% of dog bites require no medical intervention whatsoever.

So, while a decent number of dogs will bite, most of them are still safe to be around. If you are injured by a dog, you should know that there is a large market of dog bite personal injury lawyers who can assist you in pursuing a lawsuit.

There Is a Low Chance of Dying from a Dog Bite

Though dog bites can lead to death, it’s fairly rare. In 2019, only 48 dog bites lead to a fatality. If you are bitten by a dog, you have only a 1 in 112,400 chance of dying from that bite.

That said, any and everyone is susceptible to dog bites. Dogs have been responsible for the deaths of babies, toddlers, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, and seniors. As such, when around a dog with whom you’re unfamiliar, you should practice great vigilance.

Keep These Dog Bite Statistics In Mind

Dogs are lovely and loveable creatures. However, they can be violently triggered by certain stimuli. As such, you need to keep these dog bite statistics in mind and be ever-vigilant of how you’re behaving around the dogs in your life.

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