Makeup in Summers: Tips to Prevent a Makeup Meltdown


Generally, the skin becomes dull and oily during summers leading to messy makeup that needs frequent retouching. This usually happens due to the humidity and sweat that comes on the face as a result of the heat. There is a constant need for reapplication of makeup products too. Most women often change their skincare and makeup routines as per the climatic conditions. Further, it is recommended to keep the makeup minimal.

There are a variety of beauty products online that are crafted specifically for scorching hot and humid weather. If you think it is challenging to make your makeup last long, then the following tips would help you out.

Primer is a Must

A primer is a quintessential makeup product that one must apply before the foundation. Aside from blurring the pores and blemishes, a primer prepares a smooth canvas for the application of other makeup products. Besides, it also hydrates the complexion, thereby controlling the oiliness and shine for a matte look. Due to this, the makeup tends to stay for longer on the face without any fading or meltdowns.

Go for a Tinted Moisturizer or a BB Cream

Undoubtedly, one can discover a vast range of foundation cosmetics in the base makeup segment. Yet most of them are not suitable for use during summers. That is why one must swap the regular foundation either with a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. A tinted moisturizer effectively hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving a subtle tint for a minimal makeup look.

On the other hand, BB creams offer the benefits of both a moisturizer and light coverage foundation for the complexion. These two products feel lightweight on the skin and are ideal for hot and humid weather.

Use a Setting Spray

After applying all the makeup products, give a finishing touch using a setting spray for long-lasting application. In addition, it prevents makeup meltdowns and slip-offs as well. This step is a must for people with oily skin tones.

Replace the Regular Makeup with Waterproof One

From foundation to mascara, everything must have a waterproof formula. Our skin tends to sweat more and produces sebum in excess, specifically in summers. As a result, the foundation and eye makeup can melt or slip off from the intended place. Therefore, waterproof makeup products would aid in avoiding such issues.

Opt for the Powdery Formulas

Commonly, the cream-based blusher and eye shadows are in huge demand. Yet you should use them only if you have extremely dry skin. Otherwise, replace them with the ones that have a powdery texture. Ultimately, it would assist you in making your cheek and eye makeup last longer in the scorching summers.

Loose Powders or Compact for Oil Control

Do not forget to apply a loose powder or a compact that contains oil-controlling properties. It gives a matte look to your complexion and eliminates dullness and oiliness. Besides, it also enhances the appearance of the foundation or any other makeup product you have put on your face.


If you want to look flawlessly beautiful, then do not stick to the same makeup products throughout the year. Alter them as per the climatic changes to make your makeup long-lasting and smudge-free. Follow the tips mentioned above to stay gorgeous as you are, even during the extreme summers. Above all, do not overdo your makeup and keep it as minimal as possible for a natural look.

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