Magic Mushrooms – Breaking The Taboo


Why The Shroom?

Magic mushrooms are a phenomenon from the past that seems to be making a comeback. Popular on the club scene, from a magic mushroom chocolate bar to the best magic mushroom Canada has to offer. 

Magic mushroom chocolate bars have become the new hip and cool way to take shrooms. Now inundated with magic mushroom projects the market has become completely and utterly saturated. 

Magic mushrooms were once perceived as something stuck in the ’60s but they are making a comeback here and now! 

There is a long extensive history behind the use of magic mushrooms, from the use for treating psychiatric illnesses to the aid of stopping smoking and spiritual awakening, the uses are really endless.

Spiritual Awakening?

Many people believe that taking magic mushrooms can align your Chakras and have a spiritual awakening in people. From the magic mushrooms Canada provides to the magic music in Europe, there are groups of people across the globe that engage in taking magic mushrooms and readily boast of their benefits.

It is clinically proven that after a person takes magic mushrooms in any form, they have a more spontaneous sense about them for up to 140 days on average. 

The actual taking of magic mushrooms can be in many forms but the generation of hippies firmly believes the best way to take them is raw as they come. Obviously, it is not a great idea to take a full mushroom if you want to solely experience the benefits, but the new age of hippies claims that only a section of it is harmless when grown in the wrong hands.

Whilst many people think the hype of magic mushrooms comes from hippies, magic mushrooms actually date back to 9000 BC as shrooms were used as enhancers for men that went out hunting to sharpen their minds. 

Taking magic mushrooms tends to lead the user to have an internal experience where they evaluate their life and view the world in an entirely different way, obviously, shrooms can have a long impacting experience on a person but these aren’t always bad.

Quite often viewing the world in another way when on magic mushrooms can lead to the user having a continuation of their feelings of enlightenment and enabled them to apply this to their daily lives.

When a person is able to take a look at the world and view it from a new perspective it can change the view of the world in every aspect, it can lead to a more positive outlook when the user realizes just how beautiful and wonderful the world is.

Having a spiritual awakening is cleansing for the soul, it helps people to realize the wrongdoings they may have done and what they need to do to rectify this and ensure they have a positive impact on the world.

To summarise, from a magic mushroom chocolate bar to a magic mushroom raw, there are both pros and cons for taking magic mushrooms and abstaining from them, but the benefits are undeniable and unparalleled to anything before.

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