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Machine Learning vs Big Data Analytics vs Artificial Intelligence

Modern technologies like machine learning, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence have become the buzzwords of the 21st century. And, even though several graduates are looking to build a career in this domain, no one fully understands it. Of course, Information & technology executive programs can help you gain an in-depth understanding and a 360-degree view of these domains, but this guide can help you get acquainted with these new technologies.

Let’s Take a Deep Dive into these Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human brain function by machines is referred to as artificial intelligence. This is achieved by designing an artificial neural network that can predict and map human intelligence based on their behavior, needs, and past purchases. It is a broad field that has several applications, but it is also one of the most complicated technology to work with. This is why professionals need to pursue credible IT executive programs to gain prowess in this domain.

Machine Learning

The ability of a computer system to learn from the environment and improve itself from experience without the need for being programmed explicitly is known as machine learning. It focuses on enabling algorithms to learn from the data inputted, gather insights, and forecast based on previously unanalyzed data using the information gathered. Similar to artificial intelligence, machine learning can be performed using multiple approaches, which is why it is recommended to pursue credible IT executive programs for hands-on knowledge.

Big Data Analytics or Data Science

The process of extraction of relevant insights from massive amounts of data sets is known as big data analytics or data science. It uses various techniques and requires hand-on knowledge in many fields like mathematics, machine learning, computer programming, statistical modelling, data engineering, data warehousing, cloud computing, etc.

Machine Learning Vs Big Data Analytics Vs Artificial Intelligence: The Difference

  1. Applications

Artificial Intelligence

  • Game-playing algorithms like Deep Blue
  • Robotics and control theory like motion planning or walking a robot
  • Optimization like Google Maps used to create a route
  • Natural language processing
  • Reinforcement learning

Machine Learning

  • Image recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Traffic prediction
  • Product recommendations
  • Self-driving cars
  • Email spam and malware filtering
  • Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)
  • Online fraud detection

Big Data Analytics or Data Science

  • Tactical optimization which helps improve marketing campaigns and business processes
  • Predicted analytics which helps with the forecast of customer demand and events
  • Recommendation systems like those of Netflix, Amazon, and Flipkart
  • Automatic decision-making systems like face recognition
  • Social research which involves the processing of questionnaires
  1. Artificial intelligence encompasses machine learning, which means machine learning is a subset of AI. Big data analytics, on the other hand, includes various data operations.
  1. AI combines large amounts of data through iterative processing and machine learning algorithms to help computers learn automatically. Machine learning, on the other hand, uses efficient programs that can use data without needing to be programmed explicitly. Big data analytics works by sourcing, cleaning, and processing data to extract meaning out of it to make informed decisions.
  1. Some of the traditional tools used in AI include TensorFlow 2, Scikit Learn, and Keras, which can be learned by pursuing the IIIT online machine learning & data analytics certified program offered on the Talentedge platform. The popular tools used in machine learning include Amazon Lex2, IBM Watson Studio2, and Microsoft Azure ML Studio. For big data, SAS2, Tableau3, Apache Spark4, and MATLAB are the most common tools.
  1. Another significant difference between these domains is that AI uses logic and decision trees, whereas machine learning uses statistical models. And to the contrary, big data deals with structured and unstructured data.

Bottom Line

Whichever field you choose to build your career in, you are going to need guidance from credible Information & Technology executive programs. One such program you can pursue is the IIIT online machine learning & data analytics certified program. The IIIT online machine learning & data analytics certified program can introduce you to the intricacies of machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as big data analytics. By exposing you to the hands-on practical experience of popular and in-demand tools in these areas, this course will not only impart practical problem-solving skills but will also commence career progression.

So, whether you are a working professional or an entry-level aspirant, this IIIT online machine learning & data analytics certified program can be the perfect first step towards an advanced career.

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