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When we talk about luxury vehicles, Lamborghini also comes on the list. Lamborghini is an awesome vehicle, this Italian car is famous and popular because of its high speed, shape, power, and beauty. It looks amazing and attractive because of which more people love this car.

This is good news for you that if you also a lover of luxury vehicles, especially a Lamborghini then you can take this car for rent. This offer is available in Dubai that you can take Rent Lamborghini Dubai for a day, week, or even for a month depending on your wish and budget. In Dubai, the rental price of this car depends on the seasons, or the number of days but usually started with 3500 up to 5000 dirhams per day.

Special Features Of Lamborghini

The surprising feature of this car is that you can change the different modes of this car according to your situation. You can control the car when you drive in the snow, desert. The different mode are STRADA, SPORT, CORSA, SABBIA, TERRA, and NEVE. These are different kinds of modes in Lamborghini let’s discuss it below.

STRADA Driving Mode

This is the first and simple mode. This mode allows the easiness of driving comfort and stability. It is for your normal and daily life driving. It allows a smooth drive whether you are going back into from work or heading into town for some groceries. It is your basic everyday needs driving mode.

SPORT Driving Mode

This mode is for the agility responsiveness and just being fun to drive country roads and winding hills stand no chance when this mode is activated. Most Lamborghini lovers love this mode.

CORSA Driving Mode

This mode in the Lamborghini is made for precision and maximum performance. When you are racing on the track the course mode attunes to your direction and minimizes your roll allowing you to drive much better with greater precision while on the track. This is the crazy mode.


This mode is perfect for sandy surfaces. This mode allowing the tire to grip the shifting plane beneath them. As you know that there are a lot of sandy places in Dubai If you want to drive in the desert then Rent Lamborghini Dubai as this is the best option for the desert.

TERRA Driving Mode

This mode ensures comfort and ease in off-road conditions. Tracking mountains and crossing unpaved roads to get to the lodges hidden away from society. Tera mode is going to get you there without any issue.

NEVE Driving Mode

This mode ensures ease and stability even on slippery surfaces. It is for those mornings and cold winter when you have to get to where you are going without slipping over the ice. This mode is the best option especially when you want to drive in the snow.

The above mode plays role in different conditions, use each mode accordingly.

If You Face Any Problem Call The Company

When you take a car for rent, they will give you a limited distance of some kilometers per day. When you cross that limit then you will pay extra charges for it. Also, keep in mind that each company has its emergency team which is responsible to help you. This team is 24 hours active for your help.

If you face any problem during driving regarding the car you can contact with the company they will reach for your help as soon as possible you will be able to continue your journey. Rent Lamborghini Dubai and make your tour the best forever.

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