Lost Your Coverage? Here’s What to Do When You Can’t Afford Health Insurance

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Did you know that 40 percent of Americans don’t have an extra 400 dollars in their bank to cover an emergency? Some people don’t have a lot of financial wiggle room yet need help when facing medical emergencies.

If you want to learn about what to do if you can’t afford health insurance, we can help. We will go over a few different options to consider.

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Make Sure You Make Your Health a Priority

Most doctors or nurses will encourage their patients to take care of themselves. If you can’t afford health insurance, this advice is even more critical. This advice also goes beyond eating healthy and exercising well.

Avoid dangerous activities that could injure you. You might think playing football with your friends on the weekend is harmless. If you get injured, how will you seek treatment?

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol can also cause disasters. Reckless driving is also something you should try and avoid. Try to drive with caution, and make sure you’re aware of where you’re going.

Think about what risks you might be taking. Consider how you can take care of your health.

Compare Prices and Options

Sometimes, there are massive differences in prices between healthcare providers in your area.

Give yourself time to call hospitals, doctors, and urgent care centers. This way, you can find out who provides services at a reasonable price.

You could also find a lower rate at testing facilities or hospitals that are a little further from home.

Look Into Getting a Payment Plan

A lot of clinics and hospitals will set up a payment plan. The payment plan will let you get medical procedures or tests done when needed. Spread the costs out over time instead of paying all at once.

Payment plans can get complicated if you choose this as a long-term option. If you have to set up many payment plans with a few different providers, the costs will increase fast.

Head to Health Clinics

If you aren’t able to pay for health insurance, you can head to clinics. Look at going to a clinic at a place like Walgreens. The health professionals there can conduct exams and provide treatment plans.

Instead of paying for costly health insurance, you can head to a clinic. You might be able to get treatment for your current issue and spend a lot less.

For people who can’t afford health insurance, clinics are an excellent option.

Look For Non-Prescription Options

You could also look at getting a non-prescription alternative if you don’t have coverage. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a non-prescription option.

Most times, the pharmacist will offer a few alternatives. A lot of over-the-counter medications used to be prescriptions.

Prescriptions tend to be costly. Find out if there’s a cheaper option available.

Consider Getting Your Children Insurance

If you aren’t able to pay for insurance for your whole family, aim to get insurance for your kids. You don’t want to face a medical emergency and have limited treatment options.

You can find an insurance plan that’s a few hundred dollars a month. Try to limit some subscriptions, get rid of cable, and budget your money.

Having insurance coverage for your children will give you some peace of mind.

Check Out Government Programs

You can also find out what’s available through state agencies or Medicaid.
Medicaid is a federal and state program that will help with healthcare costs for people with low income.

There is some coverage available through government programs. Find out if you qualify. There are some strict qualifications that you need to meet.

Look For a Low-Cost Option

Find out if there’s a cheaper health insurance option. There is inexpen

health insurance called catastrophic coverage.

Catastrophic health insurance plans tend to have low monthly premiums yet high deductibles. This is an affordable way to protect yourself if you get severely injured or sick.

You will still need to cover routine medical expenses on your own.

Find a Side Hustle That Offers Health Insurance

Many people aren’t aware that businesses offer health insurance to part-time employees.

If you don’t have health insurance with your current job, this is a great option to consider. Any kind of coverage is better than no coverage.

Having a low premium insurance option will help you later on in the event of a medical emergency.

Look Into Short-Term Insurance Plans

A short-term insurance plan will give you coverage for a certain period. You could look at getting covered for a couple of months to a full year.

Short-term insurance plans have lower monthly premiums compared to traditional plans. A short-term insurance plan is an option if you can’t afford standard health insurance.

Sometimes, people also need something to bridge a gap in their health coverage. For example, if you transition from one job to another, you want to make sure you’re covered. Consider short term coverage as an option.

Now You Know What to Do If You Can’t Afford Health Insurance

We hope this guide on health insurance options was helpful. Now that you know what to do if you can’t afford health insurance, consider the next steps.

Look at buying insurance only for your kids or getting a part-time job that offers insurance. You could also get a short-term insurance plan or find out if a state program will help cover some costs.

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