Looking forward to buying tires? Make sure you don’t make these mistakes


While they require regular inspection, tires run effectively for a long period of time. Unlike other car parts, you don’t need to keep on spending on these to maintain them. A good quality tire will last for a long period until it wears out or the tread depth goes below 1.6mm. And, when it does, you need to replace it to avoid any bad event.

However, the tyre market today is filled with different brands and products. For anyone who does not completely understand them, can make some terrible mistakes when buying these. So, to help you make a better decision and to choose a better tire, we are going to discuss the three most common mistakes people make when buying tires.

Seeking low priced tires

There is nothing wrong with searching for affordable tires but seeking tyre with low prices is not the right way to look for tires. A poor quality tyre may cost less but it will compromise your safety and will wear out much quicker. On the other hand, a good quality tyre might be priced a bit high but it will pay off in the long run because of its durability, reliability and high-traction features.

A good quality all-season tire tyre for a sedan or a similar model will last for around 5 to 8 years, while a low-quality tyre may last for 2 to 3 years. Moreover, the latter is more prone to damage and blowouts after it is drive.

The sidewalls and the tread pattern in good quality tyres are engineered to perform well on different roads. And, if you are buying a tyre for SUV or truck, you can even take these to rough trials such as rocks or sand.

Judging Tires by Looks

Tyres can enhance the appearance of your car but buying tyre only for this could be foolish, especially when you have a limited budget. You are not in a fashion store. You are buying equipment for your car.  Many people we have met prioritize appearance over performance. 

You need a tyre which will maintain the optimal level of tractions on different roads and will 

Whatever decision you make, it must be based on logical and practical. Don’t buy because of emotions and then try to justify your purchase with logics. A tire should meet all your needs completely, if it doesn’t, it is not the perfect one for you.

For instance, the appearance of mud tyres is very attractive as it has biting edges and deep grooves. These don’t perform well on roads on highways. Many people buy mud tires because they look great. Offering great traction on uneven surfaces, these are for people who go on off-road adventures or drive in tough conditions. However, if you are someone who occasionally drives in off-road conditions then you should look for a all-terrain tyre.

So, the point is that you must never buy a tyre just because it has an attractive appearance.

Buying a tire that you don’t need

There are tons of tyre in the market which are designed to meet a specific purpose. Some are designed for high-performance vehicle, while some are designed for winter conditions. These tyres are suitable for drivers who have special driving needs or who own specific models.

For instance, UHP tyres are developed for high-performance vehicles as these feature a high-speed rating. On the other hand, winter tyres are designed for drivers who drive in harsh winter weathers.

If your city experience mild winter conditions, then don’t go for a winter tyre because you will have to change them as soon as the summer arrives. 

If you are someone who usually commutes to work then a tyre which provides superior ride comfort and better fuel-efficiency such as Dunlop SP Sport LM705 would be ideal for you.

It is very important that you analyze your needs before you buy a tyre so you don’t end up buying a tyre that you don’t need.


Most mistakes people make when buying tires are either because they have not done enough research or they let their emotions decide. So, before you visit any tire dealer, make sure you have assessed your needs comprehensively and stay practical throughout your purchasing journey.

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