Living in Austin, Texas Pros and Cons


For the last decade, Austin becomes one of the most favorite livable cities in the USA for various reasons. Austin is popular for its title “ Live Music Capital in the World”. However, this is not all about this city. Besides the cool music scene, Austin has a wide variety of dining options, food trucks and this area of Texas is culturally rich.

Another notable benefit of Austin is US’s one of the top universities, UT is located here which makes this city famous on youths. Now, if you are looking for relocating to Austin, you should know everything about this capital city of Texas, the advantages and the disadvantages as well.

Housing options in Austin are quite incredible. If you are thinking of a Downtown Austin apartment for rent it will cost a lot but definitely, you will get extra benefits of the city’s all amenities and features. Compare to Los Angeles and Newyork, Austin’s average rent of the apartment is quite affordable and slightly higher than the country’s average.

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Here you go:

The Benefits


This is obvious that Austin is famous for its live music industry. Though country music was introduced by Nashville, Tennessee this city also has an enriched country portfolio of its own. The city’s music venues will amaze you with the night-long shows and other festivals which are celebrated all year round.

Natural Scenery

Are you fascinated by the urban lifestyle having trees and lakes around you? Not far from the city’s heart there are some neighborhoods in Austin where you can get everything that are the necessary elements of urban life. One of the neighborhoods that I should mention is Zilker Park which is popular among the people for its high walkability, old-style buildings, greatest parks and lakes. Except Downtown, most areas in Austin are blessed by natural beauty and calm, quiet ambiance, said John O. from Mimy Online.

No Income Tax

Who doesn’t know that Texas has no State Income tax! Austin is the capital of this state and not an exception also. This great benefit will save you money and gear you to live a better lifestyle comparing to other significant cities in the country.

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South-Style Barbeque

Texan BBQ is world-famous! Their unique south-style hot and spicy recipe of barbeque is one of the most mentionable aspects of this state. The good news is you will find this taste of BBQ on every corner in Austin.

University of Texas

UT, one of the best universities in the USA located in Austin. This becomes a benefit and a disadvantage at a time as Downtown is always noisy, busy with students who are not suitable for families who would like to raise their children in an urban environment.



No matter you own a car or riding on public transport you need to spend some extra hours on the road while you are a resident of Austin.


Though winter in Austin is sober and cozy summer might be outbreak all of your heating experiences ever! For the last few years, this city has been broken its own record of highest temperature. So, before taking your moving decision to Austin, think about the terrible summer twice.

So, now you know which are good here which are the worst. Take your time, think twice, you are going to take one of your most important life decisions.


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