Little Gestures That Take The Biggest Space in The Heart


You must have heard a zillion times that actions speak louder than words. You have memorised it by heart. And, now it’s the time to execute these words. Show that you mean every word of affection, love, gratitude you say to the women in your house by translating it into gestures. You have a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend whom you adore dearly and it’s high time you make them feel that you do with little gestures. Your actions will touch the hearts of the women in your life making them feel blessed to have a brother, husband, boyfriend, son like you.

  1. Make Food For Them: There are several occasions when you can take the lead and let the women in your life rest. Her birthday, anniversary, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day are all the events when they deserve to be pampered. Make something of their choice just like they do to please you . If not a proper main course, you can make snacks for them.

  • Fresh Vegetable Sandwich: Spread butter and chutney on two slices of bread. Top it with fresh-cut veggies (cucumber, tomato, cabbage, boiled potato) add a cheese slice, sprinkle mixed herbs.

  • Maggie: Easy-peasy and tasty for the tastebuds. Experiment with flavors by adding cheese, egg, schezwan sauce, etc.

  • Pasta: You can make white sauce, red sauce, and pink sauce pasta as per the preference.

  • Nacho Chat: A quick snack to have in the evening with tea or coffee.

  1. Initiate To Help: When you see your mother/wife burdened with work. In case your sister is not feeling well, offer help when you can. Lend a helping hand in the kitchen with dishes or serving the guests. You can bring them all the raw material from the market. Dust and clean the house, make your bed and arrange your clothes to share the load. In whatever capacity you can help, please do.

  1. Celebrate With Them: You have an extended family and you call them friends. You often celebrate events and special days with your friends. Make a habit to share joys with the family as well. Take them out for shopping on their special days. Women love shopping. Then, throw surprise parties in their honour and invite their friends only because they can have fun too. On your birthdays, you can spend some time with them as well. This is one way of showing that you matter no matter what!

  1. Buy Them Presents: We give gifts to everyone, except the ones at home. They are often taken for granted or we feel there is no need for formality with them. But, they will love it if you give them something. As International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are coming, prepare or buy a mothers day photo frames for the lovely ladies. On Mother’s Day, bring her a saree or jewellery. Then, birthdays and anniversaries are the occasions to give gifts online.

  1. Show Compassion: Conflicts are a part of life. We tend to have different opinions with people whom we interact with on a daily basis. You cannot escape it. However, you can show compassion while dealing with them. Do not raise your voice with your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend. After every argument, apologize for your conduct and behaviour. Admit your mistakes. Be kind and gentle.

  1. Be An Ideal One In Relationship: Be the ideal son, brother, boyfriend, husband. Now, the question is what is ideal? You cannot be perfect but you can strive for it. Be understanding, show kindness, make prudent decisions in matters relating to your sister, wife, girlfriend, mother. Most importantly be supportive of their dreams and aspirations. Be the one they are proud to have!

We hope you will think and implement these in your daily life.


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