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Light Therapy for Children: A Viable Treatment Method?

When we talk about light therapy, we always talk about it in terms of adult people. How light therapy can help adults with their different problems, But most of these problems are not exclusive to adults; these can occur to children too, and not to mention teenagers. So the question remains, can children use light therapy for these problems? Is light therapy suitable for them?

One of the most important usages of light therapy is depression, which falls in the mental health category. And the people that are getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety, a high percentage of them are adolescents and children. Depression is also found often with a variety of other conditions seen in children, including anxiety disorders, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.

And to treat children and adolescent problems, one might want to resort to light therapy, as light therapy has become well-known as a treatment for these types of problems. Now let’s see if light therapy will work on them in the same way and if red light therapy will be properly suitable for them.

Reactions of Children to Light Therapy

Let’s see how children usually react when they are provided with light therapy.

  • Children usually find the experience of staring at the flashing light fun and engaging.
  • About 85% of the children that receive light therapy experience significant improvement.
  • When any specific ability of a child has been suppressed for long, and that ability gets restored to them for such a short period that they can open up and flourish.

Children Success with Light Therapy

There are many success stories of children going through light therapy. Many of them have had significant development after they went through light therapy. One such incident is when a girl aged 9 years with poor concentration, hyperactivity, and reading difficulties received a month of light therapy. Later, her behavior significantly improved, and she began to pass all of his school subjects.

Also, another six-year-old child has emerged from his state of withdrawal and non-communication, and it is now the first time in his life that he has spoken to me as a normal and normal human being. He also went from the slow reading group to the speed reading group and from the failure of math to get the best marks. All of these positive changes are the result of experience with light therapy.

Is Light Therapy Safe for Children?

So, after knowing different stories and the above discussion, we can safely say that, yes, light therapy is safe for children and teens. It is a natural and non-invasive therapy that can be realluly helpful in regulating the sleep and mood of children, especially in children that live in colder climates and don’t get much sun during the winter months.

However, there are some common and minor side effects of light therapy, including headaches and dry eyes.  Or, the therapy session can be divided into two shorter sessions.

Light therapy works the best in the morning, especially within an hour of waking up. Even though it can be difficult to incorporate this practice during busy mornings of school days, your child can just sit under a bright light therapy device while having their breakfast or completing homework.

Still, if it is not possible to manage a full 30 minutes of a light therapy session in the morning, it might be helpful to do a short session in the morning, and then a short session after school. Maintaining regular light therapy can help your child maintain better behavior and performance in school, increase interest in favorite activities, improve sleep, and reduce drug dependence too.

Final Words

Apart from the mentioned usages, light therapy can help your children in many other ways, if they need it. Light therapy is well-known as a safe and effective treatment option for people of all ages and for many different problems. And as light therapy is safe for children too, you can easily resort to it in order to help your child. It is mostly without side effects, and even breastfeeding mothers can use it too.

But no matter who is using it, make sure to consult with a doctor first about getting light therapy. After a doctor green-signals it, you will be free to use it based on your needs.

And make sure that you are using the appropriate color that aligns with your needs, as light therapy has different types and colors. 

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