Legal Services: 5 Key Things to Look for in an Accident Lawyer

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Have you been in a car accident?

Many people who get into automobile accidents find themselves in need of legal services. Often, the other party’s insurance company offers to pay you far too little to cover your injuries and damage. This leads many people into financial difficulty, especially if they need to take off from work to recover.

To get the most money, you need to hire an attorney and pursue a car accident lawsuit. But how do you know which lawyer or law firm serves as the best fit for you?

Below, we’ll go into the top 5 qualities you should look at in a potential legal representative. Keep reading to start on your journey to a better settlement today!

1. Look for Good Reviews

Before you hire an attorney for their legal services, you should read reviews from their former clients. To do this, run their name through a search engine and see what others have to say around them.

Make sure you read a variety of positive and negative reviews if both exist. Take note of any overlap between what the reviewers say, as this points to an attorney’s particular strength or weakness. If most reviews remain positive, the attorney might have the skills needed to win your case. If most reviews veer in a negative direction, seek out a different lawyer.

2. Look for Experience

How many years has your potential attorney worked in their field?

Many qualified and exceptional lawyers start practicing every year, and they might serve as great fits for your case. Still, when you file a car accident lawsuit, thousands or even millions of dollars get put on the line. The longer someone has worked, the more experience they have representing people.

This means they have had the opportunity to refine their approach.

3. Look for Someone Who Wins

Next, you should see how many cases your prospective attorney has won.

If they win the majority of their cases, they will likely win yours as well. So, knowing this gives you a great idea of your chances of winning with this lawyer.

4. Look for a Moderate Contingency Fee

Did you know that most car accident lawyers don’t charge for their legal advice and services unless you win?

As such, the percentage they take of your winnings might get steep. Most car accident lawyers ask for 20%-40% of your winnings.

5. Look for Someone Who Listens

A car accident lawyer doesn’t take on a client right away. Instead, they meet with the prospective client for a free consultation.

During this consultation, you should pay attention to the attorney’s manner. Are they professional? Do they listen well to your concerns?

You want an attorney who takes your wants and needs into consideration. The better someone listens to you, the more you might get out of working with them.

So, when you need assistance, you should find someone who listens well.

Ready to Get Legal Services?

When you get into a car accident, you need to make sure you get the best legal services. This increases your chance of winning and getting a lot out of the time and energy you spend on the case.

By looking for the qualities above, you increase your chances of finding the perfect lawyer.

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