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How to Deal With a Leaking Roof During A Heavy Rain?

What will happen if the rain started and you are enjoying the rain in your garden or front yard and suddenly you notice that water is dripping in your house from the ceiling? Obviously, it would be a situation that you don’t know how to deal with during the heavy rain.

In most cases, if you have a leaking roof during rain, it means it was damaged before the rain bout you failed to find that leak. Detection of water leaks is very important at the earliest whether it is from the leaking roof or from the plumbing system.

So, the first thing that you should do even before the rain start is to keep a close eye on the roofing system and do a manual inspection every month. Try to find if there is any hole or damage on the roof that can leak during the heavy rain?

If your roofing system is defective or its joints are loosening, get it repaired without waiting for the rain to start. For this, you should get help from a professional contractor who can check the condition of your roof.

But, in the worse case, when you came to know about a leaking roof during heavy rain, what to do? Here is a simple DIY guide:

First thing first

When you see the water is coming down in your home from the ceiling, the first thing you should do is to take an empty bucket and keep it under the water to collect that water into the bucket.

Do this without wasting any time because you can’t afford to get your interior damaged from the rainwater. If you can’t find an empty bucket, you can use any other big pots from your kitchen in which you cook food or a plastic bathtub.

Use anything, but make sure that water is not falling on the interior items.

Dry and Clean Your Furniture

Now, when you are collecting the water in a bucket, get a towel or other clothes and then find the expensive items like furniture or electrical devices near the area where water was falling.

If you find any water spots on furniture, sofa sets, table, chairs, carpet, or other important household items, clean those and make sure no water left on them.

If there are some electrical devices, like a laptop, a computer, a mobile, or others, make sure to turn them off and don’t turn them on until they get completely dried.

Detect the Point From Where Roof is Leak

Try to detect the exact spot of the water leak from the top of the roof. Obviously, you don’t have or can’t reach your repairing tools in the heavy rain, so if you can detect the water leak spot, you can at least fill it with some old clothes to stop the water leaking on a temporary basis.

Or it will at least slow down the water entering into the roof and dripping inside your home. If the leak spot is above the flat surface, then you can simply stop that with some covering old table or umbrella as well.

But if it is a flat surface and water is collecting around it, you can put some soil around it to make a small blockage and cover that place to reach rainwater to that location directly.

Call A Professional Contractor

Once you have stopped or slow down the water leaking from the roof, now it is time to finally fix it. When the rain stops, call the expert contractor near you who can detect water leaks from the roofs and can fix those as well.

If you can DIY yourself, then it is the best thing is you can save money and time both. But don’t ignore that leak in the roof anymore. So, get it to repair as early as possible.

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