Saturday, June 19, 2021

Keto And Sports Drinks

While we exercise, any kind of exercise i.e running, swimming, cycling. Our body basically needs fuels like sports drinks and a good diet. Keto and sports drinks go well along with each other if sports drinks are chosen wisely.

Some companies add a lot of artificial sweeteners and flavors in their drinks which may abstain you from the real purpose of the keto diet you’re on. Keto diets are sugar-free, full proteins diets. So, one must choose their drink wisely. During all the diet, you may need extra electrolytes and fluids as well to keep your body fully hydrated and energetic thus a keto diet should be accompanied by a sports drink but loaded with electrolytes and carbs stuff.

Keto brings an extremely strict diet plan in which we can’t drink diet coke even thus being choosy about your drink and then choosing the right one is extremely important and beneficial as well.

Some of the keto-friendly sports drinks are Powerade Zero and Gatorade Zero. Gatorade Zero and Powerade Zero are actually formulated for people who are on low carbs diet or keto diet. Some other powdered drinks are beneficial as well so the only con during all this keto diet is you have to be extremely picky and choosy while selecting your drinks. You have to go through all the ingredients included in a drink. It is wiser to consume DIY drinks during all this diet, as you choose all the ingredients by yourself. You can use special salts, Stevia, water juice, and lemon in different ratios and can have the extremely healthy and beneficial as well with all the mandatory electrolytes one might need.

During keto flu, your body feels extra weak and you feel fatigued, thus a sign that your body needs extra electrolytes and stuff. Gatorade G2 and some Powerade flavors may help you recover your minerals.

During keto, we have to stay extremely hydrated and have to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water, so you need a drink that fulfills all your needs while blessing your taste buds as well so sports drinks are what you need.

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