Island Peak- Nepal’s Most Famous Trekking Peak


Who Is This Trip For:

Climbing Island Peak is for any person who desires to taste a little bit of easy mountaineering adventure while enjoying a very beautiful trek. It is not necessary to own any specialized equipment for this climb. Everything can be rented/hired inexpensively in Kathmandu before the trip. The climbing on Island Peak only lasts one day, is very basic, and is all done while you are accompanied by a Sherpa guide who will teach you everything you need to know about the simple climbing skills you need. You will have a training session during your rest day in basecamp, and your guide will show you what to do during every step of the climb.

How Difficult is Island Peak:

You will not be carrying a heavy rucksack. Yaks and porters will carry all of your things during the trek from Lukla to base camp. Above base camp Sherpas will be helping you climb and carrying your things. Our guides and Sherpas will teach you everything you need to know.

What Defines A “Trekking Peak”? Lower, Easier, Faster, Cheap:

In general, a trekking peak is in the 6000 meters / 19,500-foot range and can be climbed by someone who is a “trekker”. That is, they enjoy walking and hiking (trekking), but don’t own their own climbing equipment, or if they do, they have not used it much. Trekking Peaks in Nepal have special rules wherein less bureaucracy is involved, and the cost is less to get a “trekking peak permit”. This is different than a higher mountain, for example, a 7000 meter / 23,000-foot high peak, where many types of paperwork are required, more expensive permits, and a government liaison officer is mandatory. Trekking peaks do not require a government liaison officer. These factors not only make trekking peaks less expensive than higher peaks, but because they are smaller, trekking peaks also take less time and less effort than higher peaks. The views are really amazing here. You can see Ama Dablam, Lhotse South Face, Nuptse, Makalu, Baruntse, Mera Peak, and so many other peaks.

Why Is Island Peak Considered To Be Nepal’s Most Famous Trekking Peak?

Probably due to a combination of factors:

1) Island Peak is the original trekking peak in all of Nepal. Island Peak was first explored by Sherpas and foreigners who were testing Everest oxygen equipment in the 1950s. They named it Island Peak because it stands out on its own and is not connected to the Nuptse – Lhotse Face by any ridge.

2) Island Peak is near the main Everest Base Camp Path, only a few day’s walk from Namche Bazaar, the trading center for the Khumbu Sherpas.

3) Island Peak is only 6189 meters / 20,300 feet high, one of Nepal’s lowest trekking peaks. In terms of Himalayan mountaineering, this is considered to be a low elevation, and increases Island Peak’s accessibility and thus its fame.

4) Island Peak is the most popular of all of Nepal’s trekking peaks because a one-day climb of Island Peak can be easily organized as a short diversion from the Everest Base Camp Trek.

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