Is It Bad to Live in a Room Without Windows?

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Do you have a bedroom without windows? Is it okay to keep it or should you consider installing one before using it long-term?

The truth is there are both pros and cons of a windowless room. Don’t make a hasty decision — take a moment to weigh the advantages and disadvantages first. It might prove to be a useful asset or a costly endeavor in the long run.

Ready to learn more? Check out our list of the pros and cons of a windowless bedroom right here:

Pros of a Living In a Bedroom Without Windows

Why would you want to keep a room without windows? This might come as a shock for some but there are benefits to a room with no windows. Discover the three biggest advantages here:

Energy and Cost-Efficient

You’ll likely use a bedroom without windows less often than any other space in the house. With fewer uses, that room because the cheapest to maintain. You could clean it only once a week or two and it’ll stay in pristine shape.

Because of the lower frequency of use, your bills for that room immediately get shot down. You’ll have to pay fewer utility bills to keep it lit, warm, and comfortable.

Will you ever have to spend on this type of room? You may have to if you intend to use it as a guest room or if you’ll rent it out. Even then, however, your expenses for a windowless room will be significantly smaller than one a room with windows.

Occasional Guest Room

Not sure what to do with a windowless room? While many might use it as a storage room, you could use it as a spare bedroom for guests.

As a spare, you don’t have to maintain it often. It’s not something you need to constantly spend for or clean. You simply need to keep it clean and fresh enough whenever you have guests coming over.

It’s also fun decorating a bedroom without windows. You can spend on fairy lights to give it a bit of a mystical and romantic touch. You could decorate it with shelves and books to turn it into a library.

Discounted Rates

What if you’re the one looking for a place without windows instead of the one offering it?

If you find a room without windows, you can expect a discounted price. Yes, the room has a few advantages over a normal room but the landlord/landlady also has to consider the disadvantages too. Due to the downsides, they have to lower the price to stay competitive.

This makes a bedroom without windows a great option if you want an affordable place for a temporary stay. If you’re only there for a night or two, this could be a cost-efficient choice.

Cons of a Bedroom Without Windows

Are there reasons to install a window if a room has none? What are the downsides to a bedroom without windows? To learn more, here is a quick list of four disadvantages you need to consider:

It’s Not a Bedroom

According to the International Residential Code, a bedroom requires at least two means of egress. This includes a door and a window. That window needs to be at least 44 inches above the floor and it should have a 5.7 square feet window.

This makes a small bedroom without window designs a storage room more than living quarters. It’s a type of room to store boxes and cleaning equipment instead of people. This makes it less appealing if you want to offer it as a guest room.

Poor Ventilation

Another issue with a bedroom without windows is that air can’t circulate. There’s no ventilation to cycle clean air in and old air out. Without proper ventilation, a room can smell musky and dusty inside.

The good news is you can work around this issue.

You should first start by buying and using an air purifier inside the room. Keep the door open and have a fan on to help push air in and out of the room. If you want to, it’s also a good idea to light scented candles inside.

No Natural Light

Lighting for a bedroom without windows is also going to be an issue. Without a window, no natural light can enter so it’ll always be dark inside. The only way to keep it bright is to use a light bulb, lamps, or candles.

While these artificial lighting methods get the job done, there’s no denying that none of them are cost-efficient solutions. It’s always cheaper to simply open a window and let sunlight in.

It’s possible to work around this by keeping the door open. Let the light from the exterior hallway light the room up. This might not apply to every room without a window, however, due to the house’s design.

No Emergency Escape

The biggest con of a bedroom without windows is that the occupants won’t have a means of escape in case of emergency. The door will be their only means in and out of the room. How will they go out if fallen debris or fire suddenly blocks the doorway?

Due to these issues, it’s highly recommended to apply for window installation. Address these cons by hiring professionals to install a new window that follows the IRC’s regulations. Don’t try to DIY window installation as you might miss a few legal regulations and you could hurt yourself in the process too.

Address a Bedroom Without Windows Now

Should you stay or keep a bedroom without windows? There are a few benefits to reap but the disadvantages might overweight them. Consider hiring a professional to install a new window if you intend on using that room long-term.

Of course, this isn’t the only concern to consider when maintaining a house. If you want to learn even more tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to dive into our library of guides. Pick up even more crucial advice to help you maintain a lively and welcoming home!


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