How to improve coloring with pencil colors?

improve coloring with pencil colors

As far as coloring is concerned, there are different modes of coloring that can help children improve their coloring skills including free coloring pages, sheets, books, printable pages, etc.

Out of all coloring tools, majority of the kids likes to use colored pencils in order to accomplish the coloring tasks. However, colored pencils need to be used with due care and attention in order to maintain the quality of coloring.

Therefore, you have to teach your children the techniques of how to use colored pencils. Here are some of the major techniques and tricks that will help your child enhance his quality of coloring.

Place a sheet of paper under your page:

One of the most common problems kids face while coloring is that the coloring comes out to be dull and less clear. The best way to overcome this problem is to place a sheet of paper under the coloring page. It will help keep coloring smooth one hand and will keep the lower pages safe from the effects of coloring.

However, when your child is using coloring book, then also he can place a piece of paper between the page he is coloring and thatbelow it. So, before your kid startscoloring, make sure that you have placed a paper under your coloring page.

Keep the pencils sharp:

Dull or fat ended colored pencils not only reduce the precision of coloring but also make the coloring activity considerably difficult. So, it is always better to keep the coloring pencils sharp and neat. Failure to it can cause reduce the quality of coloring up to a huge extent.
Whenever your kid is coloring the pages, it is necessary for you to check if his colored pencils are sharpened or not. If they are not, ask him to sharpen them before starting the coloring activity.

Keep it simple:

Undoubtedly, children love to watch cartoons and animation series. So, if your child likes to color frozen coloring pages, ask him to keep the process of coloring simple and more efficient. Instead of focusing on advanced features of coloring like burnishing make him concentrates on basic concepts of coloring.

Keeping the coloring simple here means to just focus on its precision. Which means to keep the coloring inside the borders and avoid going outside the lines?

So, while teaching pencil coloring your kid, juts focus on this basic aspect in order to enhance his coloring skills.

Layering of colors:

Kids while doing the coloring pages of their own choices like frozen coloring pages may sometimes need to make the colors look brighter. It is common perception that exerting a high pressure on the colored pencils can enhance the brightness of coloring. Yes, it is but not as efficient as it is thought to be.

Instead of coloring with high pressure, it is better to try layering of colors. Layering means to color again the part of picture you have already colored. In this way you can get the required brightness of colors.

Enhanced practice:

As all of us know that practice makes a man perfect, the same rule is applicable here as well. If you want to teach your child coloring skills or hone his skills which he already has, there can be no method as effective as practice is.

So, make your child practice as much as it is possible.


When it comes to the free coloring pages, the most commonly practiced coloring technique is the pencil coloring. And a kid can not color good with the help of colored pencils until or unless he has a particular skill set or techniques in this regard.
Therefore, being a parent it is your duty to make your child learn pencil coloring as it may also help him in his academic activities as well. The pencil coloring techniques mentioned in this article will help you greatly in this regard.


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